Will The Marvel Universe Go On Forever? – Video


Is there an end in sight for the MCU?
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last eight years, you’ve probably noticed a certain trend in superhero movies: the shared Marvel universe. While superhero films used to be treated as independent series that would reset after two or three movies, they now build on top of each other to create an almost overwhelming amount of shared continuity. Case in point: the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which functions as a follow up to Captain America: Winter Soldier, an action-packed reunion of the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast and an introduction to both Black Panther as well as a new iteration of Spider Man!

But how long can this go on? Hollywood’s obsession with fan approval shows that one day a series that seems to be riding strong (Amazing Spider Man, for instance), can bottom out within 9 months of the latest films release. Steven Spielberg has even gone on record saying the superhero film will soon go “the way of the western” and fall out of popularity in mainstream Hollywood.

Is the father of American Blockbuster Cinema on to something? Around 30 characters have already enjoyed multiple appearances across the Marvel films so far, and a library of characters in Marvel Comics continuity that number in the thousands, most of whom can appear and cross over between a number of films and TV series. With a potentially infinite number of combinations, will this cinematic universe collapse under its own weight? Or will the Marvel Cinematic Universe go on FOREVER?

Script by: Our friends at Wisecrack

Voice Over by: Ben Kendrick @BenKendrick

The History: How Marvel Became A Movie Studio | 1:29
The Kevin Feige Years | 2:50
Possible Obstacle #1: Box Office Failure | 3:45
Possible Obstacle #2: Critical Disaster? | 4:39
The Marvel Strategy: Filmmakers | 5:57
Obstacle #3: Introducing Audiences To New Characters | 6:57
Obstacle #4: Too Many Characters? | 4:21
Obstacle #5: Audience Fatigue | 9:15

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1,367 thoughts on “Will The Marvel Universe Go On Forever? – Video

  1. Of course superhero movies will EVENTUALLY die out but not anytime soon.
    Nothing last forever and so one day Star Wars will die out as well so Lucas
    can stfu because his franchise will end someday

  2. Nope, I will watch whatever Marvel Studios throws my way because they make
    good movies. I don’t care if they are about Superheroes, they are good
    movies. Compared to some of the shit that other studios are making with the
    not-superhero-related action movies Marvel is better.

  3. Marvel will endure forever. Even if we all get nuked by Kim Jong-un, Marvel
    will still endure. The only difference will be that people will stop
    telling marvel to shut up and take their money, and instead tell them,
    “Shut up and take my bottle caps.”
    Though, I think that Kim Jong-Un won’t be stupid enough to do that

  4. saying that the MCU will become irrelevant one day is like saying a
    unmovable can be moved by an movable object

  5. Decent video but if any of you have superhero fatigue, then maybe you
    weren’t much of a fan to begin with, no offence. For me, I say keep them

  6. The MCU has way too many ideas and characters to make movies about and
    introduce, I don’t think they’ll end anytime soon. Even after the Infinity
    Wars almost each original Avenger STILL has their own story to tell. I’ve
    never read the comic books but have read summaries of them online and know
    that these heroes have a lot to offer. For the crossovers, the MCU is good
    because Marvel itself has found so many ways to crossover different heroes
    in the comics it’s honestly impressive. The MCU also has found a clever way
    of linking movies together, which intrigues viewers to watch all those
    movies making them more money in the end and building their fan base. They
    time their characters wisely and put a large amount of effort and thought
    into the films. The actors portray their characters amazingly and the MCU
    is way too good with balancing action and the story itself. They’re too
    damn successful with an enormous fanbase to end.

  7. DC’s Batman v Superman failed because they didnt take the time to let their
    world develop. They shoved too much unnecessary stuff into the movie when
    it should have just been a Man of Steel sequel.

  8. What marvel need to do is, make phase 3 and infinity war massive and game
    changing then in phase 4 just introduce new characters and just start again
    and keep doing that lol

  9. I didn’t know that a duck is responsible for star wars going to Disney. And
    that duck, is now on the MCU, which is also owned by Disney.

  10. I’m pretty sure that when I have grandchildren or when I die the mcu will
    still be popular
    and i’m in 8th grade

  11. The one fatigue I am suffering from is hero vs hero fatigue. After this
    year, it should never happen on the big screen again.

  12. Marvel movies will face their biggest challenge when they either have to
    recast the main characters or quit using Captain America and Iron man.
    Comics can slow time, but movies track the real time aging of characters
    and must battle real world contract issues.

    1. That’s why you can always kill off the characters and have new members.
      Spidey is soon to be the new face of MCU.

  13. I personally feel like they should end the MCU at Avengers Infinity war
    part 2 and push the inhuman movie before that some how.

  14. Another problem is the actors wanting to move on/getting to old. Downey’s
    been doing this for eight years and is set to appear in Marvel movies until
    2019, maybe longer, Evans has talked about moving on to directing, and
    several actors have already moved on from the films. Plus, the movies take
    place in real time (more or less). We can’t use the explanation of Comic
    Book time in real life. Realistically, the A list heroes won’t appear
    forever, and after that Marvel will have a much harder time with big
    crossover events.

    The universe is fine through Phase 3, but I’m worried about what comes

  15. It’s obvious that it won’t go on forever because these Marvel Movies are
    amazing, but if the maker dies a new person will take his place and the
    movies might not be as good so they would not make much money and Marvel
    Studios will be shut down

  16. As long as people watch them. They will keep making more. If this
    incarnation of the MCU finishes, they could redo it. And one or two failed
    movies wont stop Marvel for good. And besides there’s just too many stories
    to be told. For example; Spider-Man. I just don’t know. Anything’s
    possible. I would love to think the MCU wont “stop indefinitely.” It’s my
    favourite Superhero universe. And will forever be.

  17. There is obviously a limit to how many characters they can cast. They can’t
    include all the heroes in the marvel universe otherwise that would be in
    the thousands. If you give like 60 seconds of screen time to a hero, the
    movie will literally be around 17 hours long. Not to mention very shitty
    since each character was only given 1 minute to introduce themselves in the

  18. The shitstorm that is and will continue to be the DCEU will indeed slow
    marvel films down with the bad tastes the DCEU is leaving in everyones

  19. I seriously considered the fatigue thing by asking myself what would I
    watch if I stopped watching superhero movies. I’ll need maybe 10 movies
    every year; and I want half of them to be 3D IMAX worthy. Spy movies? Sure.
    But 007, Bourne and mission impossible in total will maybe produce one good
    spy movie per year. Similar with sci-fi movies like star wars and star
    trek. I’ll suffer the humiliation of sitting through a cartoon movie full
    of little kids without a kid of my own once per year. I will watch a
    non-action movie but only if it’s as good as The Social Network or as funny
    as The Hangover. Hopefully there will be 1 or 2 good original movies too.
    So I’ll stop watching superhero movies only if there is a next big genre
    big enough to produce at least 3 action-packed 3D-worthy popcorn movies
    every year. What would that genre be if not super hero movies?

  20. I will admit, I am a DC fan by heart and Superman is my favorite hero but
    as far as movies go, Marvel has done it right. DC has tried too much too
    fast and it is only making things worse. I love both Marvel and DC comics
    and movies but Marvel has done their movies right. I can’t wait for
    Infinity War and the standalone Spider-Man and Black Panther

  21. Weeeell…. In case of Marvel (Including X-Men although they’re not
    technicaly Marvel Cinematic Universe) I don’t see myself getting Superhero
    Fatigue anytime soon, but IF I see it from the outside it may happen,
    people who didn’t watch from the beginning may be taken aback from the
    number of films they will have to have seen, but for the time being it
    seems that Marvel knows what they’re doing so lets give them the benefit of
    the doubt

  22. Just shut up and take my money Marvel ….Keep those Marvel film and media
    flowing… for as long as you can.

  23. It’ll end eventually when those actors get old and then in the future …
    greedy directors are going to want to make more remakes, then there will be
    200+ remakes within 100 years LOL.

    1. +Fuuton the great thing about marve is they have millions of characters to
      choose from. once RDJ is done, they can simply kill off iron man, and have
      a new hero replace him.

  24. i think that if they keep going they will have to make different
    generations of characters, Robert downy jr wont live forever

  25. Gr8 vid, guyz! Very insightful, it’s a shame that FOX is holding monopoly
    of the X-MEN Universe from MARVEL, where there ought to have a coalition,
    like Sony did with Spider-man… Will X-MEN ever cross over to MARVEL or
    other words handed back?

  26. I think they need more. I’m tired of waiting months to get the next
    installment of the story on the way to Infinity Wars.

  27. As long as it remains a viable option for hollywood to make absurd amounts
    of money, it will continue. They know that all they have to do is make sure
    they have stellar talent, or else everything could get ruined over a single
    weekend. Their main job is finding all the best talent. Not an easy job,
    considering all the on-screen and behind-the-scene roles they have to fill.
    That’s why they take pride in themselves, because they keep setting the bar
    higher and higher. Everyone kind of wants them to succeed but almost always
    expects them to bomb.

  28. i could do this all years…
    i worried that too.. but i can keep enjoying superhero movie…
    including the DC one…

  29. i could do this all years…
    i worried that too.. but i can keep enjoying superhero movie…
    including the DC one…

  30. It all comes down to story, story, story. No matter the genre, size of
    cast, or number of films released, the audience will always be attracted to
    a good story that’s well told. It’s just that simple *and* that hard.

  31. I think there may eventually be an end or big slow down.. but I don’t think
    that this will come for quite a while. I hope it goes on for a long time as
    long as the commitment to quality story telling is continued. I also think
    we must see at least 2 new characters (or more) every year. That is in
    his/her solo film or a very good cameo in other films. It keeps the
    universe growing and opens up a lot more avenues for more stories that can
    cross and intertwine with the rest of the universe. I’m a big fan of the
    MCU and can’t wait for whatever it brings in the future.

  32. You mention the problem with BvS is them Craming to many characters into
    one film. That wasn’t the problem, the problem was them introducing all
    these characters and Craming Easter eggs “hinting” at future films. They
    saw Marvel and the avengers and went “? GET STARTED NOW!!” And they wanted
    to get their version, the Justice League, out as soon as they can, and
    they’re doing it wrong and backwards. Introducing the team, then having
    solo films.

  33. Phase 4 movies:
    Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Ant Man 3, Spider-Man 2, Captain Marvel
    2, GOTG 3, Inhumans 2, Avengers 4

    Phase 5:
    Doctor Strange 3, Black Panther 3, Captain Marvel 3, Spider-Man 3, Inhumans
    3, Avengers 5

    1. +Whatsgoingoninmycrib Kevin Feige has stated officially that they have the
      MCU mapped out all the way until 2028. Phase 1&2 took 7 years to complete.
      Phase 3 will be done in 2019.

    2. +Swam Not too sure where you got that one from. Marvel had stated nothing
      about the future of the MCU after phase 3; although phase 4 wil most likely

    3. +Whatsgoingoninmycrib uhhh. yeah phase 4 & 5 have been confirmed. 2038 is
      the end time apparently for the MCU until we know differently.

  34. The works of other studios will fall by the wayside (they can’t keep up the
    quality), but Marvel Studios will go on forever!

  35. I think the biggest problem facing the MCU is running out of ideas. Where
    will they go beyond Infinity War?

  36. iron man needs to die MCU has little to none actual main character deaths
    that’s why I like walking dead

  37. i don’t think it’s accurate to compare superhero films to westerns bc
    superhero movies can be so vastly different, whereas westerns are limited
    by the genre. on a superhero movie you can have something like guardians of
    the galaxy being set in space with a talking raccoon, to a man in a star
    spangled suit killing nazis. the range is just so wide and they can tell so
    many different stories

  38. maybe its not a question of will the mcu go on forever, but instead its a
    question of will the dc cinematic universe ever start

    1. Could they were talking about Century Fox and DC as well because that’s
      there competition

  39. Whedon was simply overworked during the press tour for Age Of Ultron. And I
    think everyone who has seen Civil War can attest that it IS possibly to
    tell a good story with so many different characters.

  40. Imagine a reboot for the Captain America films! OMG THAT WOULD BE SO SAD!
    No one is as good as Chris to be Cap

  41. I think the last move of marvel and dc would be an avengers vs justice
    league movie. That idea would come when both the studio’s would have ran
    out of options and would have become liabilities to their respective
    owners,that is, Disney and Warner Bros. So this movie would be the ultimate
    one to recover all the losses and investments and then both will shut

  42. I think you nailed it when you said that comic book movies are more likely
    to continue because the western was limited to one time period/location

  43. I’m sorry but I’ll never get tired of the pure excitement of watching a
    super hero movie in the theaters. Idk I guess it’s because I’m still a kid
    but idk if that will ever go away.

  44. Well, I think that Infinity War parts 1-2 will be huge for EVERYONE. Up
    until Infinity War a least, I think superhero movies have a bright future.

  45. I’m glad DC is making more because I was sort of sick of just seeing Marvel
    movies all the time – so at least there is more variety. But, there are
    definitely too many comic book movies that come out every year now. Then
    again, Disney and Warner Bros. can afford it lol

  46. Comic-book movies will go on forever but there will be less CBM in the next
    decade. Do you remember how fantasy movies like LOTR, HP, PoTC, Twilight,
    Avatar, Narnia etc were extremely popular in 2000s? There are still plenty
    of fantasy movies now but they sure hell ain’t as financially successful as
    they used to be. With that being said, I think that 2020s will most likely
    be the era of video-game movies.

    1. Let me remind you that all comics book movies(except Batman/Superman) used
      to be shit too before Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and X-Men franchise exist.+Josiah

  47. I don’t think marvel will go on forever, DC will best it in about 10 years
    or Kevin feige will retire, I will miss it though.

    1. +Jackson Meade I just wish DCEU get their crap together, otherwise it’s
      gonna fall down, I wouldn’t DC making good movies too but to note there
      isn’t any, Flash director walked out, Aquaman’s to follow, Well they just
      should not affect Marvel’s Economy. Disney and Kevin feige is a big
      visionaries with what they did with marvel.

    2. +Jackson Meade True that I am a marvel fan too I loved civil war way way
      way more than BvS which i cudnt watch once but I am going to watch Civil
      War again.

  48. I can understand how others might get tired of the tremendous number of
    movies made by Marvel, but I don’t think I’ll personally ever get over the
    MCU. I’m looking forward to each and every movie in the works. I can’t
    really say that I want the series to go on “forever,” but that’s mostly
    just because I want to see them all in my lifetime.

    N I O N A B O U T T H I S, G Y Y S

  50. The trouble with Batman vs Superman was that they had a lot of new
    characters that were not established and beloved to fans. They did not have
    a massive established fan base so it felt crammed… Just saying.

  51. I don’t know about the rest of you but if they keep making these movies
    then I will keep cranking out my hard earned cash to go see it I hope it
    never ends

  52. I think that Marvel will get less popular during phase 4. It’ll peak at
    Infinity War. Phase 5 will bomb and they’ll stop and reboot like 3 or 4
    years later with a new head honcho.
    So they will stop in like 2030ish and then reboot in about 2035ish.
    That’s what I think.

  53. I don’t want a stupid fight with some fanboys who blindly support MCU or
    DCCU…all I am doing is stating a simple fact that might be proven true in
    the near future, the above video stated some risks that MCU should watch
    out for and personally I think that MCUs time is going to come to an end
    soon cuz DC has started branching out and I think that the JLA movies r
    going to be a HUGE BLOCKBUSTER and so r the new batman, wonder women,
    flash, aquaman, and green lantern movies….MCU has only 2 to 3 more years
    left and then it’s going to fade away….I love both so pls pls don’t fight
    cuz I am gonna beat up ( not a challenge )

    1. +Caution Dangerous
      Frankly I hated the idea of Ben Affleck as batman but he did surprise me! I
      still think Bale was a better Batman and I didn’t like that BatFleck’s
      character actually kills people but he was by far the best character in
      that movie yes.

      Superman is very poorly written yes! I agree 100%. I actually thought it
      was Henry Cavill’s fault for just being a pretty face with muscles and no
      acting chops. Until I saw him in MEN FROM UNCLE and I was like: “Okay so
      the guy CAN actually act! Even more so he’s actually damn good at it!”
      Then with Batman v Superman it was clear, it was not Cavil’s fault but the
      way the writers and directors portraye him.

      And it sucks because Superman needs to be loveable, disarming, a bit naive
      as Clark Kent. None of that shines through.
      Frankly I had more connection with the Bagheera from Jungle Book which is a
      CG character than with Superman which was for my generation THE Superhero.

    2. +Raymond Doetjes yeah i think this batman is the one of the best his
      intentions and motivation was understandable and clear that it made sense
      and didn’t just feel like he was mad for the sake of the movie and the
      superman is horrible they need to fix him quick because he has no character
      development at least not enough. it makes the character dull and
      unentertaining. at this point superman would go to fight darkseid just
      because. i think batman vs superman should have not had a villian or if
      they did used bizarro it would have made the movie 20x better and it would
      make sometype of sense luthor makes clones of superman to cause chaos
      batman thinks it the real superman fights him then fight bizarro ttogether

    3. +Caution Dangerous
      Yeah I think you are right. The last Batman movie (not with superman)
      didn’t leave me satisfied. It was a poor plot hole ridden script and I want
      to see it wrapped up properly. I would go and see another stand alone
      batman movie.

      I love that character because he has no superpowers his hate is his
      motivation but he doesn’t kill (Zack Snyder went wrong there with bot Soops
      and Batman) which really makes him a very interesting grey character.
      The moral battle with himself and Alfred is so interesting to watch and can
      create very cool interesting conflict in stories.

    4. +Vedant Singh i think batman is the only true hope for dc and his solo
      movie isn’t coming out until 2020 right along with green lantern corps
      movie i think if marvel plays there cards right which i am seeing them do
      lately they could pull a phase 5 and then just sell collections so that
      even after they still make money so the universe would end but in spirit
      its basically immortal

    5. +Vedant Singh I don;t think that DC will do great. Nobody loves Aquaman
      (worst character ever), Green Lantern (a whole lot to make up for), Batman
      (they fucked it up with the last one and now again with Batman v Superman).

      I think DC already has lid the fuse of DC superhero fatigue because of
      hiring very bad writers (DAMON LINDELOF YOU WANKER!!!) and directors like
      Zack Snyder and also my ones favorite newcomer writer and director Chris
      Nolan has fallen into the Hollywood trap of selling out story and
      performances for action and visuals.

  54. I think they’re going to start killing off a couple of major characters in
    Infinity War, in order to introduce some new heroes

  55. Superheroes are our new equivalent of the ancient heroes and gods, easily
    recognizable characters and personality types to tell us all fantastical
    yet personal stories of intrigue and morality – I don’t see them going away
    any time soon

  56. Eventually the sun will blow up and destroy the world and then there will
    be no more Marvel Cinematic Universe

  57. I’ll think they will end from a decision made by themselves. They might
    just have a full stop “The End” sort of thing to finish it all up. (or
    perhaps just stop for a awhile, like Star Wars did twice)

  58. IMO the worst MCU movie to date is IronMan 3….I really don’t understand
    why so many people rag on the Hulk movie. It was good not great, but good.
    It was a way better movie than IronMan 3 and Thor 2 which was both very

    1. +chargecloud No, I meant IronMan 3. I did not like what they did with
      A.I.M. , I HATED what they did to the Mandarin, and I felt it was just
      overall boring……Ironman 2 was ok, if Whiplash was done correctly it
      could have been a better movie. Other than that I thought it was a good

  59. I think that eventually the mcu will suffer from audience fatigue or just a
    lack of interest from fans.. after civil war, its already becoming obvious
    that some of these characters are almost immortal,, if heores don’t get
    severely hurt or don’t die in these movies, then there’s no consequences on
    their endeavors… it’s not fun when the good guy always win and the bad
    guys always lose.. I mean,, i know everyone dies in infinity wars, but then
    they all come back to life,, so that’s not fun either.. Anyway,, i think
    Spielberg is right in saying these super hero films will end,, maybe in ten
    years from now? or twenty? who knows? but if Kevin feige wqs smart,, they
    should plan out an eventual end game,, just incase viewers do get bored
    maybe after 6 years? if mcu announces it will end,, it will respark viewers

  60. It will go on forever… after phase 3 they will probably develop another 3
    phases 4,5,6 building up to another huge threat like Galactus and the
    Silver Surfer or the Annihilation wave. if they ever work with fox that is.
    And plus they can always keep writing new comics. Every character brings a
    different type of story and that’s why the MCU will never get boring.

  61. “…brought to you by corporate powerhouse Disney, which as you all know,
    survived its’ planet of origin and now owns a 51% share of the known

  62. “Too many characters” is never the reason why a movie sucks. That’s a lame
    thing to allege. “Batman Vs. Superman” was a bad film because it was badly
    written, and had a lousy Director attached. It had nothing to do with being
    crammed with too many characters.

  63. as for obstacle 5 is fatigue i think NO WAY marvel has over 25 ongoing
    series and release a issue every month that’s roughly 300 issues for all
    series a year if you times that by say 75 which is around how long marvel
    has been around for , say marvel released 25 issues a month in 75
    years that’s 22500 issues in 75 years and people stll read comics and they
    haven’t failed but I guess that’s just comic fans and casual movie goers
    may watch the MCU …

  64. When the actors stop playing the rolls we know them in and they get
    replaced with cheaper counterparts. That’s what’s going to kill the MCU.

  65. The MCU have spent a long time building, which is why they could pull off
    Civil War, which was GREAT. Batman V Superman failed because it was rushed.
    Marvel took years to reach a point where they could have multiple
    characters in play at once and do it well. DC tried to do it at all in one
    movie and it didn’t work.

  66. comic book movies follow the comic books, so they should continue doing
    comic books for future stories. what i see now is they are aligning the
    movies to their books which personally I don’t like.

  67. It’ll be a while before these types of movies go away. People of all ages
    read comics and grew up with heroes they loved so whether u are an elder or
    a kid now a days, comic books were around while u were a kid. Millions of
    people around the world want to see their favorite heroes come off the
    pages of a comic and come to life on film.

  68. Anybody notice that in age of ultrons iron man dream sequence captain
    America is dead with his shield DIVIDED and a crossbones symbol on it?

  69. Also I should add that Disney (who owns Marvel!) has been making fairy
    tales and similar movies since the 30’S and STILL make tons of money from
    it. It can go on for a VERY long time!

  70. The difference between BvS and marvel, was that DC wanted to catch up to
    marvel by jamming everything into one movie, where marvel builds up to
    those characters before bringing them together

  71. My calendar is full of watching Marvel movies, new ones, old ones, TV
    series and Netflix specials. For this life and the next.

  72. if audiences do I get fatigued I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. I
    am not a comic book or even really a super hero fan but I love the way
    marvel makes their movies interconnect because it lets you get so much more
    of the characters you love to watch. as apposed to seeing one great movie
    with an excellent character and then never seeing them again u get a series
    of great movies and continued use of that character.

    1. +LIZZIE ECHO dude we have got a long way to go ……
      you know about GALACTUS !!!!(SUper-uber VIllan in comics)…..
      you will really miss all the fun !

    2. dude that what I’ve been saying for a year bro… I’ve totally thought that
      infinity should be the the end… I don’t want it to become so dried out
      and stuff I think it should end…

  73. Well the fatigue is a real thing, Civil War at least in my opinion is the
    best movie of the MCU so far, and yet I felt like there was nothing new in
    the movie. I mean there is no WOW factor anymore at least for me, and
    Marvel movies have this serious problem with villains, If you already see
    Civil War you can’t deny that the villain is the worst part of the movie,
    How can a puny human make so much trouble? and how even when he tells cap
    and Iron man his plan they still fight?
    Anyway this kind of movies will eventually lose popularity, no matter how
    flexible comicbook stories are. If you eat pizza every day no matter how
    many different toppings you can have you will eventually lose interest and
    maybe hate it.

  74. Marvel could very well go on forever with the help of CGI. What I’m saying
    is CGI has become better over the years and more used like in the “live
    action” jungle book where everything but the little boy is CGI as I was
    saying Marvel can use CGI to uh “recreate” Cap or iron man or hulk with CGI
    and make them look like what they are today when the actors are in their
    elderly years

  75. If they start to have to many characters they could get deadpool to get mad
    on someone and get a head shot

  76. This is the golden age of comic book movies for sure and I don’t ever
    seeing myself not wanting to escape reality via the MCU but I’m not sure if
    the quality and quantity will last after 20 or 30 more years of this. I’m
    sure we will still get a super hero movie or 2 a year. We are supposed to
    get 7 to 10 movies a year from DC, Marvel, Fox and Sony once they get
    rolling with all their new projects

  77. Sure it won’t always go on but for the foreseeable future I think it will.
    They mak tons of money, fans love it, and there are different types of
    super hero films just in Marvel alone, which is what’s contributes to their
    success. Heist films, space scifi, martial arts, historical/period pieces,
    etc. with Dr Strange and other related characters and genes expanding the
    Universe, we may even get horror and thriller elements into Marvel films.

  78. i love the MCU and i am sure that i will never get bored of them as soon as
    i have seen the lastest movie i start counting the days till the next one
    and i get the DVD as soon as it comes out i never want the franchies to end

  79. It’s simple. As long as the films are good, the MCU will live on. Only way
    we get fatigue is if we get like 3 stinkers in a row. Example, Thor 2 was
    awful but Cap 2 came after and that film’s amazing. Marvel, for the most
    part, is consistant. Out of 13 films, the only ones that COMPLETELY suck
    are Iron Man 2 and Thor 2. That’s a REALLY good place to be at. They’ve
    proven multiple times that they know how to make quality films. The MCU
    will be around for at least another decade.

    1. +Alex Mujica Iron Man III sucked iron balls too! And Avengers II was not
      something I would want to pay for to see again.

  80. MCU will stay alive forever, since the movies are successfully well made.
    Of course, Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice made Age Of
    Ultron movie look good.

  81. I don’t agree with Steven Spielberg , Marvel can’t be compare to the
    western that and different era. I don’t beleive that people would get tier
    of seeing superhero movie either because it such a big fan following and
    Disney don’t fail when thy invest in a product, nothing but unlimited
    success will go with these movies. No matter how convoluted they become
    with thousand of heroes and villains it will not get old. DC can’t be
    compare to MARVEL either because Disney and the whole organization work

  82. PLEASE NEVER END TAKE ALL MY MONEY MARVEL as long as you keep making gems
    like Cap 2 and 3 and Avengers TAKE IT ALL!!!!!

    1. +Rodimus why? Why would we ask ourselves that question? That’s really
      fucking retarded considering most superhero movies are only a few years
      removed from the reboot or origin story. Considering some comic book heros
      have been in circulation for 70+ years. Thats like 140 years of movies.
      So…you’re an idiot.

    2. Right? I do think he hit the nail on the head, when he touched on the
      diverse possibilities when it comes to superhero stories. That’s why it’ll
      stay strong far into the foreseeable future.

  83. Its more a question of can it go on forever, considering how much source
    material they have to work with and the amount of characters they can
    introduce, yes it can go on for ever as long as the films and TV shows
    continue to make a profit. Will it go on forever? Only time will tell.

    1. +ejcmoorhouse Source material is the least of the problems, every hero
      currently in the mcu has dozens upon dozens of stories yet to be adapted,
      with more literally coming out every week.

  84. i mean, if the avengers goes over, the new avengers will come, and if thats
    over, probably marvel comics will make something else for example they just
    made Civil War II in the comics and yah. it might be endless

  85. I think it should go on forever. The reason I watch them all is because of
    the complexity of all the movies and how they all work together. I can’t
    wait for them to bring characters like Daredevil into one of the movies.
    Maybe spiderman?

  86. I already marked all the marvel movies on my calender, and I can’t wait for
    ca:cw, t:r, captain marvel , avengers:iw 1 and 2…

    1. +BlobMiner , not one that’s getting a movie, you have Titan , Thor (Lol
      typing this I realised it’s Thor Dark world (I think it’s called that))

    1. That could be near but maybe in the future where all the current avengers
      actors are in there 70s or something

  87. When I saw the title I thought the video was going to be about the Marvel
    comic universe, not the cinematic universe.

  88. if rom coms, thrillers, comedies, disney animated films, war films,
    documentaries, autobiographies, horror, indie and other genres still exist
    and garner popularity , then so will comic book based film. there is a
    whole universe of other properties both superhero and non superhero. if
    anything, its a matter of the quality and effort of the content that
    determines how well it’ll be received.

  89. as long as iron man remains as awesome as he was in 2008 film and avengers,
    i’m going to watch these movies
    they’re just too good

  90. The Incredible Hulk was nominated for best superhero film at the 2008
    National Movie Awards and for Best Science Fiction Film at the Saturn
    Awards, but lost to The Dark Knight and Iron Man, respectively. How is that
    a mixed response? It just didn’t become a staple classic of the genre due
    to the ridiculously good and impossible competition it had. Thor: The Dark
    World got it worse.

    Plus, you are forgetting about the true disowned Marvel MCU film that did
    poorly in every sense in spite of it being one of the best adaptations;
    Puisher: War Zone (yes, it is a Marvel Studios film, Lionsgate only
    distributed the film).

    1. +Project_Worm, and I will argue from a technical point of view it is
      actually better than Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Thor films.
      And it even has a better antagonist than most Marvel films.

    2. +Spike Yeah, the Hulk movie gets a bad rap, it’s only in comparing it to
      the greater MCU that it seems weak.

  91. I regretted going to see AGE OF ULTRON in a theatre. Since then, I’m not
    going to see any other superhero movie, unless it’s a) an original
    character that it’s not based on a comic book character b) it’s a director
    driven film on its own, not tied to future or previous installments. I
    refuse to pay for seeing big budget extended trailers for… future big
    budget extended trailers. Example: isn’t it a little bit weird that
    everybody seems to concur Spiderman is the best thing in… CAPTAIN AMERICA
    III (aka AVENGERS III, IRON MAN IV and Spiderman’s 3rd iteration’s

    1. +deloreanized i mean age of ultron is one of the essential movies before
      watching civil war movie, along side with captain america 1-2 and iron man
      1-3 and ant man and thor (talking about hawk-eye), and avengers.

  92. biggest fret to mcu is DC continuing to produce bad movies creating supper
    hero movies all marvel fans should want DC to succeed or give up (which
    isn’t going to happen any time soon) so this doesn’t happen

  93. It’s hard to keep up as a new fan. And now that I’m getting used to things,
    the last thing I need is a reboot which would occur in phase 4. I may
    completely drop out from that point onwards.

  94. Marvel will live for decades to come…just like the comics (that is the
    model they are following), as long as they keep making good movies.

  95. I personally feel that the whole Superhero genre is just beginning. We are
    finally getting good superhero movies (not including Batman V Superman).

  96. You were close to most of your points. Besides Hulk, I think his film
    distribution (or something along those lines) is owned by Paramount. Which
    is why they don’t intend on making another solo hulk film. Other than that
    I liked your points. :D

  97. Trying to use SvB as a warning against too many characters is short
    sighted. DC mistake was craming too many unestablished characters into a
    movie supposed to be Sups v Bats in a haste to catch up where marvel has
    spent years earning the connections.

  98. It should not be called Superhero Movies. The more correct term is
    Comicbook Superhero Movies.

    The only reason for the success of Comicbook Movies right now is the
    nostalgia and that the biggest spenders in the world right now is the
    generation that grew up with comicbooks. It used to be the Baby Boomers
    calling the shots and dictated the themes of what was sold or given as a

    I know this because a character like Captain America would never stand as a
    new intellectual property straight to movies. It is the most ludicrous
    character you can ever propose for a global audience. The reason why people
    accept him is because he has history as a beloved comicbook character.

    Ironman is just a more fantastic Robocop. Spiderman is just a Rope Ninja.
    Thor is just Hercules with a Hammer gimmick. Punisher is Rambo. Batman is
    caped ninja/Sherlock Holmes. Superman is …. okay Superman is Superman.
    And Hulk is a really really good movie idea and it is so sad that it had
    consistent bad luck in movies.

    Comicbook characters and stories are flawed simply because they are created
    and written to go on forever. And that’s bad. Really bad. That’s why dead
    superheroes get written back to life. That’s why reboots are done by a
    revolving door full of writers who want to have their crack at things.
    That’s why timelines are broken because they can’t let characters just
    evolve not in the character twist kind of way but more of the realistic
    maturing, fading and passing away while leaving a legacy kind of way.

    I love some comicbook characters. And I love Batman so much I wished he was
    written like a series of novels. Where Batman began and ended.

    Say what you will about the Matrix trilogies but it shows how a Superhero
    story should be told. Once. And revisited again and again for as long as
    the viewer wanted to relive the experience. It’s like World War II guys. It
    happened. One time. The layers of the stories of what happened however are
    near infinite.

  99. Aloha
    Spielberg can’t make an original film So he makes Indiana jones 7
    And thinks the super hero movies will dieHe forgets that marvel has a built
    in audience that goes back more than 30 years

  100. What’s the backround music?? Specifically during when he was talking about
    the transformers and Thor movies

  101. I think it will go down eventually, but not for at least another ten years.
    Like the video said, the SuperHero genre is more flexible than others,
    that’s why people aren’t getting tired of it.

  102. Steven Spielberg hasn’t made a movie mass audiences connected with in ten
    years (Munich/WOTW), if anything has gone the way of the western it’s his
    POP- Movie career/dredibility. He has fallen to a point in his career where
    he’s become resentful and angry that people don’t want to support his adult
    dramas. Sadly his response is to lash out to reporters and make sh!tty
    attempts to connect with kids like TinTin and BFG. Fingers crossed that his
    adaptation Ready Player One is any good and not just nostalgic crap.

    Will superhero movies last forever as the dominant film genre? Simple
    answer no.
    But, westerns were the most popular genre for 40 years – and are still made
    today even though they aren’t at the top.
    So will superhero movies be around for a while? As long as they continue
    being well made and diverse? Yeah, they will be… even if they aren’t the
    TOP genre.

  103. I just watched Captain America: Civil War… I’m disappointed about the
    fact that Ant-man and Spider-man played such a small role….The actors are
    SOO good at acting as their role..well..now I have to wait for Ant-man and
    Wasp..and another Spider-man movie (if they are making one)

  104. I need more films like Civil War! take my monies! I absolutely need to see
    a group film with new Spidey, Star Lord, Panther, Scarlett Witch, Vision,
    Ant-Man, Iron Man, Falcon, AGGHHHHH

  105. Cool video. I think that there’s limited room for shared universes, but as
    long as they’re done right like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and
    presumably ‘Star Wars’, I won’t complain. There are plenty of other
    satisfying stand-alones across multiple genres of film, and normally the
    casual viewer can watch one of the shared universe movies as such.

  106. I think as long as they keep putting faith in their smaller characters
    (such as Guardians of the Galaxy) and making stand alone films, as well as
    their great ensemble films, for them as well as their main characters, then
    the MCU should last a very long time

  107. I think the Marvel Cinematic Universe is safe. The comic line is failing
    the “All New, All Different.” It just isnt working in my opinion. There are
    plenty of people that watch the movies and enjoy them without knowing
    anything about the comics or origins of names or characters. Some have
    jumped from the movies and started to collect comics. For those who were
    collectors before hand and still enjoy the movies I feel are being let down
    by the new comic line that is trying to gain the attention of more movie
    viewers. They are changing the heroes that we have known and loved for
    years to gain more fans, but i think in the process they are losing fans to
    these changes.

  108. Also reason why MCU works because all charactes are so different. Different
    powers, different world, different country, different story etc.

  109. Marvel started off a bit rough but they figured it out and now have their
    methods down for doing it right.So they will be very popular for a long
    time to come. DC screwed up BvS but give them some time. They will get the
    hang of it.

  110. The MCU should take a little break after infinity War. I know, as a
    business, they want to keep this going and make as much as they can, but
    going five years or so without a marvel movie will give everyone a chance
    to breathe, and allow everyone to anticipate the next movie they do.
    Leaving it there will make everyone want more and not make everyone wanting
    it to end.

  111. My plan at the minute is to tune out once Infinity War Pt. 2 is done.
    I’ll keep up with it, but I won’t really be as invested in the long-term
    plans unless they make some mind-blowingly good moves.

    1. im expecting for MCU to make the new avengers (like new super heroes from
      phase 3, like captain marvel and doctor strange) but not expecting much
      from that

    1. The chances are 50/50, these are all to do with the leading Studios wanting
      to work with one another, don’t be suprised to see Disney and Fox discuss
      on a collaboration.

  112. The Questions you have, have already been answered. Marvel dosent have many
    movies left plan. obviously nothing last forever. Marvel cinematic universe
    ends in 2018 or 2019 if I’m not wrong. so the question you should ask is
    did the DC’s cinematic universe come to late. And I think so. marvel came
    in with plan start and finish and what’s after that I don’t personally know
    because as marvel and DC lover the only that spark the popularity of comic
    books again was the movies.

  113. Marvel replaced Ed Norton because he refused to promote the Incredible Hulk
    and not because of the films gross

  114. The thing that will slow them down is actors ageing and getting bored. I
    can see it going on the way Bond has for decades, with a more floaty sense
    of continuity and an ever rotating cast.

  115. BvS had nothing to do with too many characters and everything to do with
    plot, I would say batman and wonder woman were handled ok it’s the 5 dream
    sequnces, lack of character motivations, and jumbled story that led to that
    movie’s downfall if the DCEU gets off the ground BVS might be looked on
    better for setting some ground work, but if they take the wrong lessons
    from why it failed then they are doomed to repeat them

  116. Can’t wait for every upcoming marvel film, no where near fatigued! And dc
    have no hope of catching up to the mcu. Marvel won’t have a problem with a
    large number or characters and events in one or two movies unlike BvS
    because marvel have established the characters and done solo movies instead
    of jumping straight into a team up

  117. Good video, I have wondered these things often myself. I think it’s all
    good for the immediate future, next few years. Going up to the late 2020s,
    not so sure things can be sustained, it seems very distant at the moment
    and I’m not in a huge hurry to get there. For reasons based on my age I
    kind of don’t want it to go on forever because I do want to actually see it
    all in my lifetime!! :)

  118. as long as they can keep their movies quality as high as it is right now
    with civil war? there will be no problem.

  119. Too many characters – Civil War showed us that the directors can handle
    Fatigue – even if the general public tires of these movies, the geeks/fans
    are still going to watch them at least 2-3 times in the cinemas, hopefully
    balancing the money loss.

  120. Obviously it won’t go on forever. It’s a popular trend right now, but just
    like all trends before it, it will eventually pass and people will move on
    to whatever follows up.
    That being said, I think the MCU future is set for at least another couple
    years. There’s no doubt in my mind it will eventually wear out, but it
    won’t be for the immediate future. It’s impossible to say how long they can
    keep it going, but I think they’re safe until 2019 at the very least.

  121. I think what studios need to focus on now is how to tell a good story.
    We’ve all been spoiled by special effects and CGI. Civil War was so good
    because it had substance, the special effects were there to complement that
    instead of being the center of attention. It’s good to have balance and if
    a movie is meticulously thought of, it will definitely show. You can’t
    trick people into watching and enjoying a movies just because you have the
    most grandeur explosions.

  122. i suspect that infinity war films will be the final films with the current
    cast. and hopefully we wil get to do it all over again afterward with a
    brand new set of actors

    1. captain marvel might remain after the infinity wars and probably black
      panther as well as spider-man and other newer superheroes that came out in
      phase 3.

  123. spoiler alert for civil war

    well now the teams in 2 with all the avengers joining tony stark and most
    of the old ones with cap

  124. Ad long as marvel keeps surprising us and making us appreciate the humanity
    given to these characters we will continue to enjoy it.

  125. I don’t care how many movies they make…..if the story….characters & etc
    were good……..Give me 20,30,50, I will watch it forever….

  126. I think there will be a super hero fatigue only if the ideas for stories
    start to become overused and cliche, like happened to the action movies
    from 80’s and 90’s. But those movies were a genre, while superhero movies
    are not a genre. Super heroes movies are movies of mani genres with
    characters that happen to be super heroes. We have adventures, action
    movies, comedies, spy movies, sci-fi, thrillers,all of them withsuper
    heroes as characters. People canbe fatigued with dark movies with super
    heroes, but ok, let’s make funny movies with super heroes. Besides, we are
    talking about a material that has decades of existence to get ideas from.
    It will take a very long time to to the ideas to get overused.

  127. The only way I see the MCU going on past Infinity War is if they start
    changing up their movies and start getting serious and dark cause I can
    only handle the lighthearted tone of the current movies for so long.

  128. About the Amazing Spiderman….tru tru…the latest movie kind of did do
    bad. And that’s why we’re getting Tom Holland, kids

  129. i grew up reading the marvel comic books, then it was impossible to put the
    caracters on screen…. now they are on the big screen, i love them all,
    takes me into a fantasy world, of super heros… while im alive i will
    always watch them all.. long live marvel…. superman is my super hero..

  130. if any comic book universe has to worry about dying out any time soon, it’s
    DC. Marvel’s live-action movies & shows make DC’s look mediocre (this
    coming from someone who’s always liked both universes, comics-wise).

  131. I’m going to keep watching everything Marvel makes, and this video already
    covered why.
    I find it difficult to get bored with the MCU because virtually every film
    is a completely different genre. Spiderman will likely be a teen “coming of
    age” film, I could see Black Panther turning into a political thriller (and
    the new Captain America promises notes of politics), with Doctor Strange
    giving a grungy magic fantasy feel- and that’s the short list of movies at
    the front of my mind.
    There’s no telling where they will go next.

  132. Live for more than a few decades, and you will realize that despite current
    popularity, *nothing* goes on forever. Things do, however, go in, out, and
    back into fashion.

  133. well, it will certainly end someday as everything inevitably does, but not
    anytime soon. the only thing that could end it is audience fatigue and i’m
    not speaking for everyone, but at least i think that the really interesting
    stuff has only started now. phase 1 & 2 was the prologue, setting
    everything up. so my guess is we still have quite some time before anyone
    gets fatigued.

  134. The only fatigue I’ve had was trying to give Expedition and back story to
    someone who hasn’t seen any of the Marvel movies yet I believe this is one
    major problem that wasn’t mentioned in the video is the problem of trying
    to bring in new viewers who haven’t followed the MCU since the beginning

  135. I think actors fatigue won’t be a problem. The characters they play aren’t
    static. They grow in the universe. The money is great and stable. And you
    get to play a fucking superhero. I understand “artist soul” wanting to
    branch off and be challenged with new opportunities, but it’s a pretty
    sweet gig.

  136. the mcu will last forever. I will invent a serum that makes people live
    forever and then give it to all the mcu actors and movie crew members and
    myself so that the world can enjoy marvel movies forever and always. and I
    will also sell the serum to make a shit ton of money and pay for every mcu
    movie ever the end.

  137. my 2 cents: agree with an earlier comment about diversity of topics. it
    keeps the movie interesting with layers under the “comic to movie”
    adaptation. As you pointed out, these directors are fresh, hungry and
    finding good stories to tell, rather than “here is a comic character on the
    screen, give us money general public”. Casting is a key art too. With
    Marvel properties among 3 or so different movie studios, there is going to
    have to be some give and take when it comes to being true to the comic, and
    telling a good story to keep the audience engaged. The MCU won’t go on
    forever, but it can be a beautiful era in film making where good things are
    happening. As long as they don’t completely butcher source material (ie,
    deadpool in wolverine origins), they can ride this pony for decades.

  138. And the western died because western culture died.. Until we have a
    superhero culture, I don’t believe the superhero genre will ever die…

  139. Solution to obstacle #4: make the movies longer, don’t try to keep them at
    an hour and a half to two hours.. If the story isn’t told fully, then
    what’s the point of watching it at all?

  140. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a huge Spielberg fan… But he couldn’t be more
    wrong if he tried, the super hero movie genre has gotten so huge that’s
    it’s the most popular genre in film over the last 10/11 years and that
    success has gone over to TV as well, there’s now over 7 comic book/super
    hero TV shows on the market right now, it’s not going away any time soon
    unless the quality of the movies drop so much and they put out 4 or 5
    straight movies that bomb both critically and commercially like the Batman
    and Robin movie did in 1997.

  141. Man it must suck being in America for Civil War movie release. I watched it
    on the weekend and it was brilliant.

  142. I wish a new Marvel movie came out every week. I have little use for any
    other movies. I want my monies worth.

  143. I’m just gonna say it. Tobey Maguire should have reprised his role as
    spiderman he was the best spiderman of all time (Kanye voice)

  144. My theory is this; after Infinity War Marvel will greatly tone down their
    film output for the next few years just so audiences can catch their
    breath. They know about all the reports of superhero fatigue and I’m
    certain they don’t want to suffer from it.

    Of course they will make more films but nothing as big as Avengers.
    Probably smaller films more like Ant-man or Dr Strange. If the new
    superhero films are still profitable they may do another Avengers sized
    movie (probably with a new team of heroes like Dr. Strange, Spider-man and
    Captain Marvel) however if it turns out that audiences are no longer
    interested Marvel Studios may have a name change and just make original
    action/sci fi films.

    What I’m more interested is what will happen in 30 years. Considering it’s
    the typical amount of time for a reboot will Marvel Reboot the universe and
    redo Captain America, Iron Man and Thor? Or will they just keep continuing
    the story forever in a similar style to long running shows like Doctor Who?
    If they do reboot the universe I’d love a Star Trek style reboot where a
    time traveller (hopefully Kang) comes back in time and messes with the
    timeline explaining all the changes.

    But who knows? I could be totally wrong about all that. As long as I one
    day get my Secret Wars movie I’ll be happy ;)

  145. I feel that Infinity War will take itself for what it is: overstuffed. If
    it’s going to be successful with so many people, we need quippy guys like
    Tony Stark, Star-Lord, and Ant-Man to point it out. Like, ‘oh geez, there
    sure are a lot of us here’. Stuff like that. They’ll also have to shift
    narrow focus on the best aspects of their best characters. Like seeing Cap
    draw out the battle plan for everybody and tell them what to do in their
    situations, or having uber-powered folks like Doctor Strange, Scarlet
    Witch, and Captain Marvel have to hold back for fear of hurting people with
    their immense power.

  146. I always figured the biggest potential issue the MCU faces is the eventual
    retirement of its cast. There is only so long these actors can
    realistically play their roles before they either are too old for their
    part anymore (whether in terms of stunts or in physical appearance, RDJ is
    already 51, remember?), or the actors simply grow tired of the role and
    decide not to renew their contracts. And I mean, think about it, a couple
    recasts is okay every now and then (Rhodey/War Machine and Bruce Banner
    proved this), but how many people would want to see the whole Avengers
    recast: a new Cap, Iron Man, Thor, and so on? I doubt very little.

  147. I loved all the movies on this video especially guardians of the galaxy and
    Ant man, even Bat man vs Superman! I am very excited for captain America
    Civil war so I don’t know when i’ll get get tired of super hero movies

  148. I don’t think they’re ever going to go away, I think they’re only going to
    get bigger and better.

  149. i find it extremely weird that one of my favorite marvel movie franchises
    the hulk actually did worst out of all the marvel movies i find hulk and
    spider-man to be the interesting live-action marvel movie franchises

  150. We are currently at the Apex of the super hero genre’s popularity! It is
    inevitable that some of these movies will suck so bad people will get tired
    eventually. So I say, enjoy it now while the quality is still good.

  151. I think the MCU will slow down after Infinity War and the stories will be
    more stand alone with hints at a possible reunion (?) of sorts as needed.
    kinda like the Thor movies, they tie back in but are enjoyable (to me
    anyway) on their own. another great vid Screen Rant ?

  152. Lol spilberg is the one getting behind im sick of his ww2 political films
    and his over exposed way of filming

  153. I have not read Marvel comic books in years, but I look forward to all the
    movies even the $1.4 Billion “flops” like a AoU. Will it continue
    indefinitely? Probably not, but there is a long way to go yet.

  154. The thing with superhero fatigue is, I don’t really see ‘Superhero films’
    as a genre. I see it as more of a topic. We see in the MCU that all of
    their movies are different, with different tones and stories. While CA:
    Winter Soldier was like a political thriller, Ant-Man is sort of like a
    Heist movie and Guardians of the Galaxy was more like a Comedy/Space Opera
    (don’t know if that’s an accurate description but my point is that they are
    wildly different). As for Box office/critical/fan failure, that would need
    to be a shit ton of consecutive movies that would have to fail before
    Disney even considers stopping it. No one movie, maybe not even two, that
    fail are going to stop what’s going on right now. The MCU will likely go on
    for a LONG time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me they were
    still going in, say, 2030.

    1. +none nah, if that happens they’ll just be more wary with BIG projects like
      the Avengers movies, but the MCU as a whole will continue.

  155. Forever? No. But It will continue for some time, as long as they keep it
    fresh and interesting with movies like Deadpool, and Guardians of the
    galaxy. Eventually the fad will end and something else will take its place.

  156. I feel like they do a pretty good job of making the movies watchable as
    standalones, however I think audience fatigue the most likely reason the
    sink will ship (if it does).

  157. Well, I think comparing Infinity War to BvS is inherently unfair. Batman v
    Superman did feel too cramped in both characters and storylines because
    they tried to combine several popular stories into one movie while also not
    focusing on a team, but instead separate heroes. Infinity War is based off
    of a single story and will require pretty much the whole cast to band
    together the entire time as one team to take Thanos down, not just leaving
    the team-up for the last twenty minutes. Not to mention that they have two
    whole movies to tell this one story in. That means that they can give
    plenty of screen time to each of the characters without any feeling token.
    Well, Falcon (should he still be around then) will probably feel pretty

  158. And captain america losssssss his shield at the end and bucky killl iron
    man’s parent ang iam the spoiler

  159. in the captain amerika civil no one died and ant man become the tallest man
    in earth and spider man is suck a talkative person and bucky and captain
    america almost kill iron man and vision shot war machine in the chest and
    stan leee is there and he is so funnnyyyy

  160. GET.
    Whose dick did you suck to constantly get in my recommended list? No matter
    how hard I click not interested!
    Wow this is pretty petty. Lol

  161. I honestly don’t mind if they stop, I just hope they finish their work and
    make an epic ending to everything.

    But I also would like it if they kept going :P

  162. helllllll no i don’t have fatigue, i am excited for every single one of
    them. Even wish they would all get here faster haha

  163. Way off topic, perhaps: What the heck was that Fantastic Four abortion Fox
    released last year? That thing sucked out loud and I’m a huge Fantastic
    Four fan… :(

  164. People worried when Disney bought Marvel Studios. They thought that a
    Mickey Mouse company like Disney would mess everything up but just the
    opposite happened. Disney produced the cartoon series “Avengers – Earth’s
    Mightiest Heroes”, which (in my humble opinion) is the best super hero
    cartoon series ever produced. To top it off, they began translating that
    cartoon to the live action (Computer Graphics action, that is) big screen
    movies. Excellent stuff, in my opinion.

  165. There’s no reason why it should stop. Obviously you’ve just pointed out
    some reasons how it could stop, but as long as the fans get what they want,
    they will always go back for more. And…there will always be new audiences
    e.g. children and friends/partners of fans who get sucked into the fandom.
    I agree that the content needs to stay current but it also needs to provoke
    conversation, like the freedom to choose in Civil War and terrorism in
    Winter Soldier. Characters also need to evolve too and avoid be too 2
    dimensional like Thor.

  166. The moment that you realize , that your still subbed to a person , that you
    don’t even watch. And you ask your self , when did I do that

  167. I think another major problem that you kind of touched on is the villains.
    If they keep raising the stakes each avengers movie they’ll eventually run
    out of things they can destroy. And in their stand alone movies it will
    start to become confusing as to why the other avengers aren’t there to help

  168. Okay I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if superhero movies will die out
    by 2020 (I mean come on we are getting 3 films a year just from Marvel
    Studios alone). HOWEVER I do believe that with the Star Wars films, the DC
    films, and supposedly Universal Monsters (if that is still a thing) in
    addition to the MCU, people are more than likely going to be getting tired
    of the shared universe concept. Hell, I know that A LOT of people didn’t
    care for Fantastic Four (2015), but I have to give them props for that
    movie. It did nothing in terms of establishing a shared universe with the
    other Fox owned superhero franchises, it wasn’t trying to set up some
    future crossover with the X-Men, it wasn’t trying to sell me something I
    didn’t already bought, it was it’s own self contained film. Which to me is
    an improvement over what Marvel Studios does (note: I am not a fan of
    Marvel Studios itself, 80% of the films they’ve done, or the whole shared
    universe concept in general).

  169. I just want more from the DCEU, Man of Steel and BvS were great, the latter
    better than any Marvel movie.

  170. Count the numbers of every comic/cartoon / character marvel ever made and
    you will know for how long it will carry on

  171. The Marvel Universe = charging you a movie ticket to see a two hour long TV
    series episode. tone in next time to see what happens!

  172. I don’t see why they shouldn’t be around as long a the comics. If Spielberg
    wants to compare to cowboy films, how long were cowboy comics a thing?
    Cowboys are a of a certain time, superheroes can be of any time.
    Superheroes are ultimately just people with power(a) taking responsibility,
    they’ll always be relevant as long as people have different levels of power
    or ability in real life. Cowboys were kind of just the superheroes of their
    time anyway.

  173. I don’t think it will go on, maybe a few more decades, but not forever.
    Don’t get me wrong, I would love for it to go on forever, but I don’t think
    it will.

  174. I think all of the doubt about these movies doing well, or warnings that
    these movies will fall out of favor is pure speculation. These movies are
    based on youthful aspirations, fantasy, technology, good and evil, personal
    struggles, emotional relationships, etc. As long as they always include
    that depth, these movies will do well. I seriously doubt people will lose
    their taste for superheroes.

  175. I think MCU won’t be here forever of course, but I’m very confident about
    de next 20-30 years for the studios. It’s a work properly done, that was
    started in the 1960 by Stan Lee and that is today in the hands of the
    incredible Kevin Feige… That has thousands of characters to present to
    the world. So, all I say is… Excelsior, marvel!


  177. You think the western has fallen out of popularity? Then how come Mad Max
    which got nominated for Best Picture and made hundreds of millions of
    dollars in profits did so well? After all it’s just a ‘western on wheels’.

  178. Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios Pres) says they have Marvel films planned out
    all the way to 2028. or About 7 phrases. Think they can keep it going.

  179. I think once the original Avengers are not in the movies anymore, (because
    of contracts ending), people will begin to lose a little bit of interest.
    But who knows… The new characters they’ve brought in may keep people
    excited. Like Paul Rudd as Antman and Marvel having the rights to use

  180. They will eventually tell the story of every popular character then people
    will get tired of it and then it will end

  181. I don’t wanna be that guy, but what’s with the last video and disabling the
    comments? That’s cheap. Accept the criticism and trolling and all that
    shit. It comes with the platform, dicks.

  182. so far i’m actually not satisfied with how many superhero movies are being
    released. i would like to be able to go watch a new movie every two weeks
    when i get my paycheck. i also happen to love westerns.

  183. A reboot might make me lose interest, but so far even the weakest marvel
    film has satisfied me. The hype for civil war has got me going out of my
    mind! 4 more days

  184. in my opinion the best superhero movie is still the dark knight so far. No
    shades on other superhero movies though

  185. Well I know I ain’t getting tired of this genre any time soon, as long as
    the quality remains satisfactory. Just like I never got tired of westerns.

  186. I cannot wait until marvel and superhero movies experience some sort of
    catastrophic financial loss. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing a superhero
    movie from time to time, but I think many people are starting to feel
    superhero fatigue. It really is only a matter of time until profits start
    decreasing from over saturation. Maybe then we would actually get some more
    interesting movies on the big screen.

  187. look at how long comic’s have been going on for. its basically infinite
    source material where as the Western movie’s recycled a lot of plots, which
    eventually people got bored of.

  188. I hope in Infinity War they have a scene where Nick Fury (or someone) is
    talking to cap and they decide they need help and they both split up to
    find people. Fury finds Coulson and the Secret Warriors and Cap finds the

  189. Obviously people will eventually get tired of seeing these movies over and
    over again and will start to look towards more unique and original
    material. Even if the films’ quality stays at a high standard, boredom is

    There’s eventually going to be a time when a new genre/franchise becomes
    the next big thing. And the MCU and superhero films in general will fade
    away. To believe anything otherwise is asinine.

    However, that’s likely not going to happen in a long time. So no worries as
    of now, fans. They’ll be fine.

  190. I didn’t care to watch ant man or guardians or ultron. If i wanna watch
    just captain america then i can. i shouldn’t have to watch thor or ant man
    to make sense of civil war for example, and im happy with that. I am
    rooting for warner bro.s with DC and fox too with their xmen. Just because
    someones tired of marvel doesn’t mean they should give up on that
    particular genre, they can look into other super heroes if they’re
    interested. As much as BvS gets hate and flak i thought it was a good
    start, if anything it was the ironman 2 of dc so i wouldn’t count them out
    just yet. Praising black panther and spiderman while saying wonderwoman and
    batman should have their own movies before dawn of justice is pretty
    hypocritical. People know spiderman and batman by this point, and
    wonderwoman and black panther are still getting their own movies. As for
    the possibility of the mcu continuing for another decade, that sounds
    exhausting to me. not every hero needs a trilogy i think.

  191. After a while, each phase will have a connection, but not a connection that
    every viewer needs to see. So like phase 4 will connect to 5, but if you
    want to get into the mcu, u can just watch the latest phase and so on.

  192. I don’t have a superhero movie fatigue. I do have a “going to the theatres
    every once in 2 months” fatigue.

  193. all we need to do to keep this fantastic marvel cinematic universe going is
    to keep Kevin Feige alive and well

  194. I love superhero movies so much, especially marvel movies and I don’t see
    myself become fatigued with their content anytime soon! Anyone agree with

  195. I honesty wish FOX did a movie with both the Fantastic Four and X-Men to
    show that they are in the shared universe.

  196. This was a great video but honestly Marvel have got most of us whipped,
    watching ten minutes of credits to see 30 seconds of teasers for the next

  197. i sort of want the mcu to have a little break after infinite war and slowly
    letting it build up again. i mean how do you get bigger after infinite war?
    and after all: every marvel movie so far is building up infinite war. just
    being like: oh yeah btw there is a WAY bigger threat now; would sort of
    ruin the importance of the current universe

  198. The problem is for me is this one MARVEL for some reason doesn’t to care
    about which Marvel universe is it on?
    because they are 2 marvel universes, regular marvel and ultimate marvel,
    and some reason both creators and producers mush them together and fans do
    no like it.

  199. I don’t mind the Mcu shared universe as long each film can be considered
    stand alone. that they end satisfyingly well and don’t leave a giant
    cliffhanger and come in parts… looking at you the hobbit.

    1. That’s something which has been done well so far. You can watch each movie
      as a stand-alone movie (sequels a little less so maybe, but that’s
      logical). It’s like comics, where it is not necessary to read every comic
      to understand what’s going on during crossover events, but it does add
      another layer to the story one might miss if they haven’t read another
      series. This ensures that the MCU does not alienate new viewers while still
      offering small “rewards” to loyal viewers.

  200. I think that as a comics fan who has been waiting so long to get non tacky,
    amazingly written and directed movies depicting my favorite super heroes,
    that as long as they keep the quality this high (like they have done for
    Civil War according to reviews) no one would lose interest.
    Now for D.C I’m really hoping that they do it right this time on Suicide
    Squad and make up for their that not so impressive Batman V Superman.

  201. I, for one, will never ever get tired of superhero movies – specifically
    Marvel’s. And I think the shared universe is a genius idea that will go on
    for a long time to come. As long as there are hundreds of millions of comic
    book fans, there will always be a large support for high quality film
    adaptations of their favorite characters. Comparing it to Western films is
    a bit close-minded in my opinion.

  202. I think Marvel is like the Nintendo inc. of movies. World renowned,
    Historic for setting nearly the entire baseline of a genre, and extremely
    skill, but still out of wack because money.

  203. i feel like the infinity war saga should be the grand finale for marvel
    studios, however it is very unlikely disney will allow it, but it will be
    the end for me, if they just continue milking it like a spongebob cartoon
    it will just grow boring, however unlikely that might seem today

  204. I have the best birthday ever. The new marvel films always come out a week
    before so I never have to think what to do for my b-day and they are always
    awesome (we don’t talk about incredible fluke) also I hope they go on

  205. thinking about it, yes it may never last, like many great trilogies, one by
    one they must all have an end, ah well at least star wars was revived

  206. I one reason I hate the MCU is that that were not ready to showcase female
    superheroes. Wonder Woman is releasing next year and Captain Marvel won’t
    be the light until 2019 and Wasp is a co-star to Ant-Man, DC and Fox is
    ahead of the curve is making female-led superhero films. If the MCU won’t
    market female heroes like they didn’t with Black Widow and Gamora, than I
    think the MCU has an Achilles Heel. And another reason, is the MCU is too
    lighthearted and fun and I’ve grown tired of it. We need to balance it with
    darker superhero films like DC and Marvel (Sorry, but the Netflix shows
    DOES NOT COUNT). We need balance in genders and tone. If Marvel/Disney goes
    the lighthearted route, it will be the end of the MCU.

  207. Yes it will. The Marvel Universe has existed for decades and it has also
    splintered into endless characters and story lines too infinite to possibly
    be totally represented in a movie or even a series of movies. SO YES, the
    Marvel Universe will continue as long as producers and directors and actors
    and everyone else involved in the franchises is making big geek money. True

  208. I can see it ending it can’t go on forever come on now it’s a Fad right now
    but for the comic book fans who has been reading comics there whole life
    it’s different then the people who fell in love with it just cause it
    popular right now

    1. +Dominic Colella with events like comic con and varies other events that
      gets thousands-millions of people attending and cosplaying as different
      characters from comics (also video games/anime/etc) the it won’t fade for a
      LOONG time now. I think yeah, it will end, cuz everything comes to an end,
      but that will not end any time soon. There’s just faar too much love for
      them that just continues to grow.

  209. I’m kind of surprised Age of Ultron wasn’t mentioned for the Critical
    Failure portion. It wasn’t a terrible movie by any stretch, but it
    certainly wasn’t good by Marvel standards. It took me three or four
    sittings to get through because it was just so boring.

  210. I’ve marked every upcoming release in my calendar. I love solo and indie
    films, but damn, I love me some comic books movies too. So far, other than
    the wretched Thor movies (which only get a pass due to Loki), I’ve enjoyed
    every addition to the MCU.

  211. As long as each standalone film can carry its weight, the MCU should extend
    longer. There were a few films I skipped in the theater but watched on
    cable much later.

  212. Two things that could happen with the MCU: 1) it ends sooner or later. 2)
    it becomes a James Bond kind of franchise and remains current and popular
    with audiences of all ages.
    I’m kinda stating the obvious but oh well. : /

  213. People need to start giving WB the benefit of the doubt because if people
    don’t give DC a chance, then marvel isn’t going to be worried about
    competition and just not care about quality. Marvel Studios behaves just as
    much as a cold calculating company as any other and wont give a damn about
    quality if making money doesn’t seem to be an issue.

  214. I don’t know, in my opinion and please don’t hate me for saying this. I
    love superheroes and comic books, been reading since I was a kid. But in
    all honesty I feel like this genre of movie is creating a new wave of comic
    book “fans.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad both Marvel and DC–which I happen to be a fan
    of both–are gaining new readers and an audience. But it’s that certain
    percent of people that caused me to dislike the genre. Those who start
    online debate for which of the two companies are better and most of them
    are for the movies not the comics.

    Not only that, but a lot of people are creating fan art and fiction for my
    heroes which makes me cringe. I don’t want my heroes to be ruined by these
    so called “fans.” I know I can’t force them to stop since everyone has
    their freedom of choice but it just makes me sad to see almost 70 or so
    years of comic book heroes being drained away.

  215. Ive heard so many people saying they are getting tired of super hero
    movies. I think if they dont try new things it will die soon as sad as I am
    to say it

  216. The only thing I hate is that the movie makers make the movie for the comic
    book fans but non comic book fans watch it

    1. +Udit Brahmbhatt Your statistics are worrying… And nobody went and said
      that non-comic book readers shouldn’t watch these movies. Making it so
      would be a very dumb business move.

    2. +Nart Ahmed so you think they wouldn’t make any money from comic fans have
      you counted how many fans there are lets look at comic con there’s
      thousands of fans going to one comic con times that to by 100 like New York
      saltwater San Diego there’s millions nearly 900,000,000,00 times 15 that
      more than enough even a handful that go to the cinemas and give away money
      there would be over a billion so yeah ban non comic fan from watching comic
      book movies since it’s not meant for them

    3. +Udit Brahmbhatt The notion that big Hollywood studios invest hundreds of
      millions into making a single Comic Book movie to impress the fans is
      stupid. If you take every individual who buys every single Marvel comic
      issued every month, they’d barely add up to 500 thousand, and if each saw
      the movie 5 times, they would barely make the budget back to the studio.
      Studios make these movies to appease the larger movie going audience, who
      are looking for great spectacles, and engaging story-telling, but it just
      happens that Comic Book readers constitute a small portion of the greater

  217. I’ll never be tired of superhero movies, but I’m getting tired of critics,
    they are now like gossip persons, holding to any bad or good critic to gain
    popularity. And I’m gonna go further, doing critics for money.

  218. Spielberg would be right if comic book movies were new & started with
    Ironman…bbbuuuutttt since they’ve been around since the 70’s he’s
    completely wrong! It may die down a bit but it will never die.

  219. mcu will hit trouble when the mainstay characters have to move on (thor,
    iron man, cap ). non comic followers might not like where their favourite
    characters go. the survival will be on how they do this transition

    1. +Alan Lewis I’m really just hoping Marvel Studios and Fox close a deal
      soon, so we can get a Secret Invasion movie. Skrulls baby!

    2. +Alan Lewis Hey, Marvel and Fox are finally starting to play nicely with
      each other from what I can see (especially now that Fan4stic flopped harder
      than a level 100 Magikarp), so who knows? Perhaps we will see a movie truly
      do justice to God Emperor Doom some day in the future.

  220. Dawn of Justice’s problem isn’t that it was overstuffed with characters or
    storyline, it was just a terrible movie. While it’s possible that the
    Marvel cinematic universe will one day start to burst at the seams, for now
    the Marvel producers know better than to hire terrible directors like Zach
    Snyder who don’t know anything about comics.

  221. Marvel definitely has tons of source material to base movies on and because
    the comics continue all the time, there won’t be a lack of it anytime soon.
    That’s why I think that these movies will be around for a long time. no
    But however the MCU’s story will end, I’m going to enjoy every bit of it to
    the last minute.

  222. When screenrant make videos that are new ideas and not remade videos. It
    turns out great

  223. Marvel is smart, because every character that they own will be involved in
    the Marvel Universe. And if they keep the continuum somewhat consistent
    with the comics, more people would always be intrigued.

  224. The MCU will end, but not anytime soon, with so many possibilities to
    change focus and tactics, we probably won’t see the end of the MCU in our

  225. When something ends, something new begins. As long as I have my Spiderman,
    Deadpool, any SuperHero. I’ll be happy.

  226. I think we will have a good idea of the fate of the mcu after the end of
    phase 4. We know phase 3 will be strong phase 4 however will really be a
    test of how far can the mcu go when they have to start introducing new
    serious phases and different characters of the mcu.

  227. When he said, “or do you have every Marvel opening night marked on your
    calender?” I felt a little guilty.

  228. isnt anyone else bored of this shit yet? cuz i know i am. i dont mean
    screen rants videos, im talking about there increasingly boring marvel
    movies. im only going to cap 3, and spiderman, anything else can fuck off.

  229. I’m still enjoying the movies and shows Marvel is putting out and if the
    rest of content that fallows is anything like what has already been
    released or better, then sign me up for the long haul!

  230. I think the obvious answer is no. Marvel will continue to make movies as
    long as people will pay to see them, but if demand for them stays high, the
    MCU will still eventually end. Nothing to say they cant start a new MCU,
    but you can’t be too sure of how long people will want to see superhero

    1. +Dallas Dowdy Yep I knew that to. Well if Marvel gets the rights back to
      the Fantastic Four from Fox then there are many ways Disney/Marvel can make
      more movies

    2. +Under_ Score No secret, years ago they said they had MCU plans up till
      2028. I can only imagine that those plans go even further now. Phase 3 is
      by no means, and never was, planned to be the end of the MCU. Just the

    3. +Under_ Score Theres gonna be a phase 4. Plus I heard Fox might finally
      give the rights to the Fantastic Four back to Marvel/Disney so there will
      be more phases

  231. Westerns are still fun. The over saturation of the market will be DC’s
    fault not Marvels. The only reason anything is over saturated is when
    people release crap products like batman v superman dawn of

    1. my fatigue hasn’t set in because I watch many diverse films superhero and
      otherwise. but mcu is what I get most excited for

  232. Every problem has a solution and sometimes u don’t have to prepare one
    beforehand. I honestly marked every single super hero film ( both marvel
    and DC ) on my calendar, whether they be good or bad. I’m also one of those
    who suffocate knowing that the film is standing alone and unable to share
    its universe. If it’s a build up, then that’s absolutely great, but has to
    take its time and be crafted properly with love not rush (I’m talking about
    BvS ). It really breaks my heart that they rushed things out for that one.

  233. I hear a lot about this comparison between westerns and super-heroes. It’s
    non-sense. At the height of westerns movies era there were as much as 60
    western flicks a year… the golden age lasted around 30some years…and
    today, almost a century later there are an average of 15 western movie
    every year… as super-hero are way more diverse and rich…I’m NOT worried
    about passing out of style anytime soon…

  234. Well what if they just run out of stuff, without Galactus, after Thanos
    everything will just seem unimportant…

    That’s the one place where DC has them beat, they have many more Important
    villains and storylines like Blackest Knight, Darkseid, Braniac, The
    Anti-Moniter, Flashpoint and much more

  235. According to the words of ultron “nothing lasts forever” It will eventually
    end or just get boring(which i hope not) but in hollywood it’ll just get
    rebooted again, and the cycle will go on and on and on………

    1. +femiairboy94 yeah but when hollywood rebots a movie they do it wrong or
      famaily friendly or they use bad actors to the film when that happen the
      movies are not that great reboots are bad for hollywood

    2. Very true. I remember the sci-fi boom of the 70s and 80s. There was also
      the action film boom of the 80s to 90s. The audience is fickle. I just
      enjoy the ride until it is over.

    1. +doomguyification The netflix shows are all part of the MCU what are you
      trying to say. If the MCU dies than so do all of the netflix series.
      Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage are all part of the MCU

    2. +Wazzat I know, I’m just sick of the whole happy-go-lucky tone that the MCU
      is being portrayed as. They should take 1 or 2 years off, because they
      don’t even try to develop characters anymore while Netflix actually does.

  236. It would end then reboot with different actors and story lines. I mean….
    probably will go until phase 8 or 9

    1. +Dallas Dowdy Yep your right I believe you. I think the MCU is like James
      Bond it’s gonna last for a while

    2. +justin legere They had movies/plots planned for the MCU up till 2028, and
      that was years ago that they said that, so they probably likely have plans
      well into the 2030’s for this shared universe. It’s only just beginning.

  237. As long as the MCU keep pumping out great movies then I’ll keep watching
    the MCU films till the day I die.

  238. The MCU is a transcendent painting that is nowhere near complete…
    Magnificent pieces are still to come, and although all good things must
    arrive at a culmination, we will be astounded by the incandescent
    perplexity of the finished work of art.

  239. I think we should just enjoy the present and whatever they give us because,
    yes, all good things will come to an end

  240. Not.. There will come a time that people will get tired of watching
    Superheroes movies.. besides I believe in what Steven Spielberg say it’s
    like a flavor of the month sooner or later it will end.. then people will
    gonna look for the real cinema magic..

  241. I feel like they should end the MCU with either phase 4 or phase 5 and use
    the secret wars storyline than take a break from superhero related things
    and focus on other subjects for 3 or 4 years before rebooting. that way
    they dont end up killing there own product and they manage to generate
    signifigant buzz not to mention the universe having a definant end and
    leaving audiences looking foward to a new universe without the properties
    dying out slowly

    1. +xaal carlson

      I also really hope they end on critical and box office success but have the
      restraint to let the audience wait awhile otherwise the enividbility is a
      slow death.

  242. I believe that Spielberg’s predictions will be proven to be correct, but I
    will continue to watch superhero movies until then.

  243. I really enjoyed this thank you! I am already having super hero fatigue,
    but I can’t stop watching and need more.

  244. Marvel: Hires new talent to bring something fresh to the table for every
    film or franchise.

    DC: Gets zack snyder to do everything

    1. how is that an excuse? its a iPhone 4 the screen is small I’m using a
      laptop right now and as you can see I’m doing fine. What are you the
      grammar police or something?

    2. I’m using a phone to type.and if you couldn’t understand what I said then I
      guess all marvel fanboys mustbe missing a couple braincells due to all the
      dumbed down movie marvel spews out

  245. You know how long I’ve been waiting for Civil War, even just since Ant-Man?
    Fatigue ain’t something I’m experiencing and I’m excited that they’ll be
    coming out more frequently in the years to come.

  246. Nothing goes on forever but when it does end I think it will be
    intentional! every good writer / storyteller knows when it’s time for an

  247. to be honest I was scared that Marcel wouldn’t be able to tell the story of
    all their characters in one film without it becoming confusing, and I was
    watching Civil War with a lot of anxiety because of it, but they did it
    brilliantly, so I think they know how to balance characters well enough

  248. You forgot The Amazing Spiderman movies in the 70s followed up by Japanese
    Spiderman series. The Hulk series in the 70s. There was a Captain America
    movie in the 80s also a Punisher one starring Dolph Lundgren. You
    immediately jumped to Howard the Duck. And YES the universe will go on,
    look at the James Bond franchise. Still nice documentary!!!!

  249. I’ve already marked every marvel movie in my calendar I’m kinda an addict
    to marvel movies I don’t really think there going out of style anytime

  250. Comic book movie can go forever as long as the comic book exist. Just like
    Harry Potter or any other film based on a book.

    1. +Abi Nubli This is a bit different, when they made the Harry Potter movies,
      they copied he story pretty much exactly (they did cut out stuff like all
      book-based movies do). With this, the story is inspired by many of the
      comics, but does not copy the stories exactly. Mainly because there are way
      too many written by different authors with different ideas that can be very
      contradictory to each other. These movies will die eventually, but Marvel
      has these movies planned out until 2020, and will probably have more after
      that. Their death won’t be any time soon.

    2. +femiairboy94 Kind of. Harry Potter is over, but they’re not giving up on
      the universe. They’re coming out with a movie called “Fantastical Beasts
      and where to find them” which is about some dude in the 50s or so in
      america looking for different creatures in the wizarding world (i don’t
      know the exact plot but it’s something about that)

      I also saw a kickstarter for a voledemort movie today. It looks fucking
      awesome and i hope it becomes a thing o:

    3. +femiairboy94 that’s what i mean. it’s over because the source material
      they based on is also over. but good thing is this days there’s also thing
      called shared universe AKA milking 2.0

  251. Sorry, but after Infinity War (unless DC can create a good movie universe)
    the super hero movie trend will die out.

    1. Unless, in 2020, a movie titled: Secret Wars gets announced as a
      collaboration between Marvel and Fox, uniting the X-Men and Avengers.

  252. I think they are going to collapse in on their own weight. Avengers 2
    already showed that can happen.

    1. +StarWars Spartan Yep thats because Marvel knows how to cast their actors
      and how to make epic movies along with movies with a cohesive plot. Batman
      v. Superman was wanna be epic

    2. +BostonianDominican7220 the fans had nothing to with age of ultrons
      problems. hype has little to do with it. look at civil war, its so hyped up
      with the return of spiderman to the marvel universe and its meeting
      expectations with critics and fans alike

    3. +Mojo_Shitposter Age of Ultron destroyed Batman vs Superman both critically
      and financially. In this case. RIPdc

  253. at 10:30, WTF? that’s like saying I’ve totally had enough of pizza, All I
    crave now is stand alone cheese, tomato sauce or bread!

  254. When the current actors playing the most popular Marvel characters, such as
    Thor, Tony and Steve have had enough, that’s likely when it will dwindle
    and eventually die. As things stand, the beginning of the end will happen
    after Infinity War part 2.

  255. Lets just say I would like to still watch superhero movies when I’m old and
    grey I plan to to get every blu-ray and show my grandkids the legacy

  256. if people aren’t tires of superman and Batman films, why would they be
    tires of any other superhero franchises. Superman films have been around
    since the 70’s

  257. this is how you save money. DONT WATCH INFINITE WARS PART 1 if part 2 comes
    out in 2019 and part 1 comes out 2018 just wait a year and make a marathon
    of the 2 films.

  258. Never underestimate the power of fat fanboys and tumblrina feminists who
    want to see their hot yaoi menz and strong female characters whom they’ll
    call their waifus.

  259. IMO it’s not accurate to compare generic westerns with what Marvel has
    achieved. The whole connected universe movie thing has never been done
    before. It’s not just a gimmick Marvel is making character driven films of
    the finest quality. People are getting into these movies because of
    interest in the characters. People care about the characters and what
    happens to them. Marvel has put in the time developing this and with Feige
    at the helm it has a planned direction. People are eating it up. Warner
    BrosDC is just trying to copy Marvel and IMO would never have attempted
    this if not for Marvel’s success!

  260. just watched the Civil War European Premiere videos, I think the end is
    nowhere in sight, thank God for that, soon as I see one of the movies I
    can’t wait for the next one.

  261. I see the mcu as something like a really intense tv sseries and u just cant
    wait for the next episode. IM STUPID MEGA CRAZILY EXCITED FOR CIVIL

  262. Medically I should have been dead for at least 10 years already.
    After my last heart attack, I promised myself, to stay alive, until I’d
    seen Deadpool.
    I say keep em coming, because as long, as there are Comic-book movies, I
    have something to stay alive for!

    1. Don’t worry, CGI cameo lol, or he’s recording and filming his cameos as I’m
      typing at the moment.

    2. +David Luna But Stan Lee isn’t the COO. That would be Dan Buckley, and he’s
      doing just fine. Marvel can continue to make movies without Stan Lee. The
      only thing that would change would be the cameos.

  263. I was overwhelmed, but then I found a sure-fire way to not be.

    DON’T WATCH EVERY FILM!!! I’m done with X-men and Fantastic Four, DC
    interests me just a tad more then Windows 7, and I watched Guardians of the
    Galaxy and Ant-man while walking on the treadmill. So yeah, I’m good.

    P.S. Not even going near Suicide Squad.

  264. People keep calling me a Marvel fanboy and why is that? Perhaps they
    actually put out their movies and their quality not garbage like BVS and
    Green Lantern lol

    1. +Jacob Duran because the batmobile look like a damn tank just the fact that
      it fast as hell with nothing to shoot back at his enemy with would be just
      stupid tbh I can’t suggest George Miller because I never seen mad Max
      because it just looked like a weird movie so I skip it

    2. +A-Jay Franklin Wait what? Batman’s batmobiles are not meant to have guns
      on them. Why are you dissapointed that the batmobile didn’t have guns on
      it? It’s supposed to be designed that way. Gosh George Miller should be
      directing the Justice League movie. At least Marvel hired the Russo
      brothers to direct the third Avengers movies

    3. Ik he killed the guy with the flamethrower which is from TDKR except he
      didn’t shoot the guy in the head and with the batmobile if people complain
      because it has guns tbh it be just lame to me that it just a giant car with
      no guns on it

  265. I want more characters.Include more heroes and villains.
    Then Civil War sequel with appropriate number of soldiers to fight I. it.
    Iron Man 4
    Civil War II

  266. find the 8

  267. Hundreds of Marvel characters. Why stop when all the main ones run out?
    Keep this GOING. Embrace the future! Bring new faces to the big screen like
    you’ve been doing. Don’t stop until you reach the 2099 era and then KEEP
    GOING! #inmarvelwetrust

    1. At least Marvel is only doing origin stories for superheroes who haven’t
      made it to the big screen. Their not going to do an origin story for
      Spider-Man (Thank God).

    2. +what am I doing I think Marvel should follow the BvS approach. Batman for
      example? No longer than 5 minutes for his origin. Yeah I believe not EVERY
      superhero movie should be a blown out origin

    3. I don’t think repetitiveness is going to be an issue. The thing that makes
      the Marvel Movies so unique is the characters and how they’re so different
      from each other.

  268. IMO, there is allways a beginning and an end to Everything. There is a
    great chance that MCU will go to a phase 4. If Strange, Black Panther or
    Captain Marvel are succesfull, people will want more. Phase 3 will probably
    be the end for Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.
    Its true that there is great risk that they are going to make to many
    characters to the MCU, also counting all the characters from the tv-shows
    like S.H.I.E.L.D, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Before I saw Civil War, I
    feared that the Movie would have too many characters that would only be
    riddiculous and boring. But in the end, the action and fight between the
    heroes was perfectly balanced, that makes me salute the Russo Brothers. BvS
    is not balanced and very boring for me. People says that the action is
    good, but IMO is overrated.
    Just look at James Bond series. Its still going on, well, not allways
    succesfull. If Marvel Studios does Everything right, MCU will continue on
    forever. But the great risk is that Everything after the universal threat
    of Thanos will not be as interesting. But you could hope that Kang or
    Doctor Doom or (ultimate) Maker is going to come!

    1. +movienaut Captain America Civil War was there to introduce the 2 new
      characters in the MCU. They might have also added so many characters to see
      the response people will have to them and to see who will make up a new
      team, or Avengers.

  269. The only problem I have with the MCU is the quality of each film struggles
    to stand alone for me but as a whole it’s like watching the biggest budget
    TV series ever. I enjoy the films but the need to keep things fresh is
    important and I hope Phase 4 will go along way to doing that

  270. This was a great video! Personally, I don’t think the MCU will falter in a
    very very long time. There’s simply too much comic material and story
    potential for it to fail.

  271. I would be absolutely cool with the MCU ending with Infinity War…but it’s
    most definitely not going to happen so yeah…we’ll see

  272. So long as the creators understand the diversity of content, superheroes
    won’t be like the western. Heck, there are superhero westerns!

    Superhero is a super genre, not a sub genre. It can take many forms and be
    consistently reinventing itself. Westerns are all very homogenous, which is
    where fatigue comes in.

  273. Regardless of how ‘flexible’ the superhero genre might be compared to the
    old Western, over saturation’s a real problem for any consumable culture.
    Right now, Marvel’s excelling and it looks even better due to significantly
    lower quality products by other companies in comparison. But the more it
    comes out, the more common it will become and it will begin to attract less
    new audience. They probably should come up with the major plot line to
    follow in the future down the road to wrap things up for good or they risk
    the chance of ruining the amazing reputation they have built over the years.

    Having to go to another point though, I have to disagree to your comparison
    to Batman vs Superman because their problem, as already pointed out by
    numerous critics was that they tried to do what Marvel did with multiple
    movies in just one, resulting in poor character build up and which
    negatively affected the plot as a whole. Marvel takes the traditional
    step-by-step approach with all their characters and that’s why all their
    ‘mash-up’ of multiple characters in some movies still come out feeling
    solid because the audience have literally years of understanding of
    individual characters they see in their universe.

    1. +TheWowso
      I guess it may not change enough for some viewers and I think this group
      will continue to grow.

      As a filmmaker myself my vision is that people watch these movies for the
      spectacle and not for the story. The thing is that the story plots are
      paper thin and generally we cannot associate ourselves with Superheroes.
      The best part in a (for me) otherwise shit movie Man of Steel was to see
      the young Clark Kent fighting the frustration of keeping his secret. The
      abuse he suffered and I think the moral dilemma of whether or not to
      protect a species as ruthless of ours would have been a far more
      interesting story for people over 20 than the destruction porn (no matter
      how technically advanced and photo real it looked).

      People get tired of rehashed spectacles, this is why (and I know this
      because it was my former profession) mentalism/magic and stage hypnosis is
      not as big as back in the 80s and 90s.
      There will always be surges of something so the superhero franchise will
      never completely die but the 80% blockbusters being superhero movies will
      stop, I am sure of that. Although the massive blockbuster sales records in
      Batman v Superman amazed me, but the movie was so bad received that I
      wonder how DC will polish this up.
      DC only has two very interesting characters in my opinion Superman and
      Batman. Nobody like Aquaman or Green Lantern *ughhh* 😉

    2. +Raymond Doetjes
      I don’t agree with that. Of course you’d be tired of being tortured/sitting
      in traffic because those are negative things. What doesn’t make sense to
      me, is to be tired of something that you can choose to do which is a
      positive thing and which changes each time (even if it’s a little bit).

    3. +Spencer James
      No trouble at all. But what movies ACTUALLY deviate from the standard
      formula? Not many. Was it a surprise that DiCaprio killed the bear in
      Revenant and got revenge? There are many more examples as well, even in the
      biggest movies ever made. You don’t watch a superhero movie to see if they
      save the day, you watch it for the comedy and awesome action sequences and
      set pieces, etc.

    4. +TheWowso You really went to a lot of trouble to evaluate a perfectly
      reasonable statement. People get tired of things. Superhero movies are some
      of the most prevalent and prolific movies our media driven society
      currently has. There are tons of movies, tv shows, commercials, and
      merchandise. You cannot escape from it. It is pretty understandable that
      someone would get tired of movies that follow very similar formulas.

  274. I’m getting sick of them already but what makes me watch them eventually
    (when they get to netflix) is that they’re made well. So at least they have
    that. But it is kind of annoying. I do enjoy superhero movies immensely but
    I liked it better when it wasn’t all the time. I looked forward to it more.
    Now it’s just…wait which one is this? oh right. How many more are there?
    Ugh. Whatever.

  275. So I see. There are essentially 4 Marvel studios owned by 4 different

    Marvel by Disney
    Marvel by FOX.
    Marvel by Sony.
    Marvel by Universal

    And statistically, Marvel by Disney is no. 1 based on their financial and
    quality success.

    1. +Cory Gunter +darksorceressknight7 Can’t deny. Btw I heard that Tim Miller,
      director of Deadpool, is trying hard to get Spiderman from Sony into their
      third Deadpool movie. And if that happens and becomes successful, the
      chances of FOX sharing their Fantastic Four rights to Disney will be very

    2. +Amith Varghese however marvel with disney and marvel with sony have
      combined as have universal with them the only thing stopping marvel from
      having everyone is fox but thats most likely not gonna last long

    3. however, marvel by universal is pretty much gone (except for individual
      hulk movies) and marvel by Sony is collaborating with marvel by Disney to
      put Spiderman in the mcu. so I would argue that now, the only true split is
      Disney vs fox

  276. Jenna Marbles have said it. She has grown FUCKING TIRED of superhero

    Get your shit together marvel retards. People are slowly starting to get
    bored of MCU.

    Trust me, they will die one day. If you’re one of those people who’d love
    to see Iron Man on the big screen a hundred times, go and fuck yourselves.

  277. Look, I have to be honest, the narrator for this video; his voice is
    extremely boring, dull, and monotone. The only reason why I watched this
    video all the way through was because I was interested in the subject

  278. I hope the MCU lasts forever, but its impossible. It can only last while
    the people making it last, humans, so when the world ends (unless it has
    already ended, which it probably will have) it will end.

  279. sure, the superhero genre might go the way of the western. but westerns
    were popular for a good seventy years. the MCU isn’t going away any time

  280. Another door that Guardians opened up was life outside of Earth. Growing
    superhero franchises can now travel elsewhere for future adventures, while
    smaller lesser known heroes can be developed and not have too much to worry
    in terms of events they must adapt to here on Earth. So long as global
    events don’t keep happening too often then the MCU can keep it going.

  281. I don’t know why the fantastic four and Xmen scenes were shown. Marvel
    doesn’t own their movie rights

  282. Im already bored of superhero films, the films are too cut and paste to me.
    It will end but i think it’ll last longer than the westerns did because of
    the adaptability of the fins and the technology. But it will die out and
    something g will have to take its place.

  283. The earliest we’ll see audience fatigue will be phase 4. right now the
    momentum is practically at its peak. the question would be what will
    replace the superhero genre as the new fad.

    1. That’s what DC fans said about ant-man but everyone went and seen it plus
      doctor strange is one of the strongest avengers in the MCU the movie won’t
      have a problem.

  284. From what was said in this video about directors. I believe the DCEU should
    take a page out of Marvel’s book and not let a singular individual, however
    talented they are, control the landscape of what could make them equal
    competitors to Marvel.

    1. +BoyMonkeyKid Nah they need a leader to helm the DCEU. Zack Snyder having
      free reign is what ruined their movies. bruce timm and paul dini should be
      the DCEU Kevin Feige

  285. Will the Marvel Universe go on forever? Answer: No. Like everything, all
    good things will eventually come to an end. The MCU will eventually lose
    steam and people will move on to the next big Hollywood trend, and
    eventually the Earth will be destroyed by forces either in or out of our
    control, and the Marvel comics (along with everything else) will go with

    1. +Cyberphobe no not really. The hero genre is increadably flexible and can
      match what ever trend has appeared. Our current MCU will change with new
      actors and characters coming into the limelight.

  286. Marvel is awesome. You forgot about the threat of the actors. Almost all of
    the avengers actors have been in 4< movies and will only be recognized for their roles as that hero. They are also tiered of making marvel movies and want to peruse other things.

    1. Wrong, thats how most of the marvel characters are introduced. In a stand
      alone film. Also a stand alone iron man 4 might be made.

  287. dude you are a true hater 😀
    they are just following the comics, wich has an amazing story. This is what
    makes MCU a great project.

  288. We might be feeling super hero fatigue but that doesn’t mean upcoming
    generations are. My 5 year old is just starting to get into the Marvel

  289. You missed out the biggest threat to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actors
    leaving roles! It’s easily the biggest hurdle the MCU faces. What happens
    when Robert Downy Jr stops wanting to be Ironman or Evens stops wanting to
    be Cpt America? Will people buy a new actor playing Tony Stark? or will
    people buy a new character taking on the mantle of Ironman, if they decide
    to kill Tony and place some one else in the suit?.. and yes i realise they
    did this with Ed Norton but that was way at the start before it could do
    too much damage.

  290. Aslong as they don’t play it safe and become formulaic, they won’t cause
    fatigue. Marvel has a lot of arcs, characters and stories to adapt, let
    alone create new ones

  291. guessing the future based on past events is better than just plain guessing
    but comparing westerns to superheroes… u cant.

  292. what Dc and Marvel need to dl is Just straight up do a JLA vs Avengers this
    movie will literally break box office records like it will shit on star
    wars on any other movie

  293. The think is that that is exactly what the “phases” are for…They
    anticipated this and for that reason(cose there will be too much at some
    point)….there will be Pahse 4 where i understand it will be a lot
    diferent…and probably they will change again at phase 6-7 and so on…

  294. Marvel and DC figured out how the oscillation in culture works. They have a
    deal for ‘quick-punch, fun shaize with no sense’ and ‘drawn-out,
    realistically dark’ streams of film making to share between them,
    exchanging domination every decade or two.

  295. I don’t mind if it does go on forever honestly. If I ever get tired of it I
    don’t have to watch or participate at all. Why would it even matter?

  296. I think around 20 years from now, both Marvel and DC will have built
    empires in terms of cinematic universes. What they are doing is completely
    new and unlike regular novels, religious or mythological stories, there are
    thousands of different comic book stories and characters than can be
    included in the movies. There’s no limit to the amount of stories they can
    adapts since new ones are made ever months. What we’re seein now is just
    the beginning. Marvel only has 12 movies, DC 2, Fox 2 if you look at
    deadppool an AoA as a fresh start. I think in there’s going to be a day
    where “comics” will be an official genre just as much as action, romance or
    comedy. Marvel and DC will probably have ot make reboots just cause the
    currents actors are too old. I really don’t see it ending