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Today we will be looking at 99 Homes memorabilia and what is available online.

Here you will find 99 Homes memorabilia and collectables I have located at Amazon, eBay USA, France, Australia, Germany, U.K. , Canada and Spain, as well as other vendors around the world.

Rather than spending hours searching the Internet there is the most complete selection available here so you can compare prices and the products available.

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99 Homes Synopsis

A recently unemployed single father struggles to get back his foreclosed home by working for the real estate broker who is the source of his frustration.

99 Homes Technical Information

Director: Ramin Bahrani 99 Homes
Writers: Ramin Bahrani|Ramin Bahrani|Andrew Garfield|Michael Shannon|Laura Dern
Budget / Revenue: 8000000 / 1410915
Release Date (US): 17/11/2015
Language: English
Country: USA
Running Time: 112
IMDB Rating: 6.6
Studios: Imagenation Abu Dhabi FZ, Hyde Park Entertainment, Broad Green Pictures, Noruz Films,
Tags: florida, motel, finances, single father, mother son relationship, real estate agent, eviction, financial crisis, foreclosure, real estate, mortgage, construction worker,


99 Homes Memorabilia

Memorabilia and collectibles on Amazon:

Always require a certificate of authenticity before purchasing any autographed item

If you are looking for a particular item please leave a comment below and I will try to find it for you (all legitimate questions answered).

I have also found a number of 99 Homes memorabilia listings on eBay. You can often pick up a bargain there by bidding in auctions or using the ‘Best Offer’ feature. It is easy to do even if you have never purchased on eBay before. You can also buy many products immediately by using the ‘Buy It Now’ option.

These listings are real-time (there is a count-down timer on each listing) so if nothing relevant is showing for a particular locality check back often for new listings by book-marking this page or simply refresh the page to see the latest listing.

99 Homes memorabilia on eBay France.

  • Current Price: £13.99
  • Ends: Feb 21, 2019 13:32:27 UTC

99 Homes memorabilia on eBay Australia

Stargate Universe Season 1 Quotable Eli Chase Card Q3
  • Current Price: £1.97
  • Ends: Feb 20, 2019 12:07:59 UTC
Outlander Season 3 Promo Card P1
  • Current Price: £9.61
  • Ends: Feb 20, 2019 12:38:40 UTC
Parkside Models PA17 Coal Loads HBA / HEA Hopper Wagons OO Gauge
  • Current Price: £7.50
  • Ends: Feb 20, 2019 12:25:00 UTC
HMRS 2P OO Gauge LMS Yellow Loco & Coach Pressfix Transfer Sheet
  • Current Price: £6.50
  • Ends: Feb 20, 2019 12:45:47 UTC
Schleich Farm World Lamb 13744 - Animals at Home Australia Australia
  • Current Price: AUD $5.75
  • Ends: Feb 20, 2019 12:22:21 UTC

99 Homes memorabilia on eBay Germany

99 Homes memorabilia on eBay U.K.

99 Homes memorabilia on eBay Canada

99 Homes memorabilia on eBay Spain

POSTCARD France * COTE D'AZUR * Editions Aris #0501 - Bandol
  • Current Price: £1.70
  • Ends: Feb 27, 2019 18:12:36 UTC

Note that only cast members with significant memorabilia are listed.

99 Homes Cast Memorabilia

  • Michael Shannon (as Rick Carver – Actor)
  • Doug Griffin (as Officer Dudura – Actor)
  • Randy Austin (as Sheriff Anderon – Actor)
  • Carl Palmer (as Sheriff Carl – Actor)
  • Andrew Garfield (as Dennis Nash – Actor)
  • James Brown (as Elliot – Actor)
  • Luke Sexton (as Crew Leader – Actor)
  • Noah Lomax (as Connor Nash – Actor)
  • Alex Aristidis (as Alex Greene (as Alex Aristidis Perdikis) – Actor)
  • Tim Guinee (as Frank Greene – Actor)
  • Jonathan Tabler (as Lawyer Bailey – Actor)
  • Garrett Kruithof (as Court Clerk – Actor)
  • Richard Holden (as Judge – Actor)
  • Deneen Tyler (as Bailiff – Actor)
  • Albert C. Bates (as Derek – Actor)
  • Laura Dern (as Lynn Nash – Actor)
  • Jayson Warner Smith (as Jeff (as Jayson Smith) – Actor)
  • Gretchen Koerner (as Nash’s Neighbor – Actor)
  • Liann Pattison (as Dana – Actor)
  • Cullen Moss (as Bill – Actor)
  • Nicole Barré (as Rick’s Wife – Actor)
  • Judd Lormand (as Mr. Hester – Actor)
  • Javier Molina (as Javier – Actor)
  • J.D. Evermore (as Mr. Tanner – Actor)
  • Christopher Berry (as Man With Gun (as Chris Berry) – Actor)
  • Donna Duplantier (as Ms. Tidwell – Actor)
  • Jordyn McDempsey (as Ms. Tidwell’s Daughter – Actor)
  • Robert Larriviere (as Commissioner Arthur Link – Actor)
  • Nadiyah Skyy Taylor (as Tamika (as Nadiyah Skyy) – Actor)
  • Ann Mahoney (as Mrs. Tanner – Actor)
  • Jason Kirkpatrick (as Swindled Tenant – Actor)
  • Don Brady (as Elderly Evicted Man – Actor)
  • Clancy Brown (as Mr. William Freeman – Actor)
  • Manu Narayan (as Khanna (Vesic) – Actor)
  • Cynthia Santiago (as Frank’s Wife (as Synthia Santiago) – Actor)
  • Joseph Angelette (as Jack – Actor)
  • Jeff Pope (as Angry Evicted Man – Actor)
  • Karen Miller (as Karina – Actor)
  • Donald Mohr (as Top Hat Man – Actor)
  • Wayne Pére (as Frank’s Lawyer (as Wayne Pere) – Actor)
  • Yvonne Landry (as Frank’s Neighbor – Actor)
  • David Maldonado (as Detective (as Dave Maldonado) – Actor)
  • Ramin Bahrani (as – Director)

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99 Homes Ratings

Check the censor's rating for 99 Homes in your region.

Canada:14A (British Columbia) | Germany:12 | Hong Kong:IIB | Ireland:15A | Japan:G | Netherlands:12 | Portugal:M/14 | South Korea:15 (2016) | Taiwan:R-12 | UK:15 | USA:R

Rated R for language including some sexual references, and a brief violent image

Compare and buy 99 Homes memorabilia and collectables, view trailers, clips, movie and cast. Like or dislike? Add your comment.




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