9 Dead Gay Guys (2002) Memorabilia

Today we will be looking at 9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia and what is available online.

Here you will find 9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia and collectables I have located at Amazon, eBay USA, France, Australia, Germany, U.K. , Canada and Spain, as well as other vendors around the world.

Rather than spending hours searching the Internet there is the most complete selection available here so you can compare prices and the products available.

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9 Dead Gay Guys Synopsis

Two Irish lads stumble through London’s gay scene.

9 Dead Gay Guys Technical Information

Director: Lab Ky Mo 9 Dead Gay Guys
Budget / Revenue: 0 / 0
Release Date (US): 19/09/2003
Language: English
Country: UK
Running Time: 83
IMDB Rating: 6.2
Studios: Little Wing Films, Nine Films,
Tags: male nudity, black comedy, gay interest, criminal,


9 Dead Gay Guys Memorabilia

Memorabilia and collectibles on Amazon:

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I have also found a number of 9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia listings on eBay. You can often pick up a bargain there by bidding in auctions or using the ‘Best Offer’ feature. It is easy to do even if you have never purchased on eBay before. You can also buy many products immediately by using the ‘Buy It Now’ option.

These listings are real-time (there is a count-down timer on each listing) so if nothing relevant is showing for a particular locality check back often for new listings by book-marking this page or simply refresh the page to see the latest listing.

9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia on eBay France.

9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia on eBay Australia

9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia on eBay Germany

9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia on eBay U.K.

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9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia on eBay Canada

9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia on eBay Spain

  • Current Price: €4.00
  • Ends: Jul 15, 2019 16:48:46 UTC

Note that only cast members with significant memorabilia are listed.

9 Dead Gay Guys Cast Memorabilia

  • Glen Mulhern (as Kenny (as Glenn Mulhern) – Actor)
  • Brendan Mackey (as Byron – Actor)
  • Steven Berkoff (as Jeff – Actor)
  • Michael Praed (as The Queen – Actor)
  • Vas Blackwood (as Donkey-Dick Dark – Actor)
  • Fish (as Old Nick – Actor)
  • Simon Godley (as Golders Green – Actor)
  • Carol Decker (as Jeff’s Wife – Actor)
  • Raymond Griffiths (as The Desperate Dwarf – Actor)
  • Abdala Keserwani (as Dick-Cheese Deepak – Actor)
  • Karen Sharman (as The Iron Lady – Actor)
  • Leon Herbert (as Nev – Actor)
  • Steven Woodhouse (as Father Ted – Actor)
  • John Michaels (as Third West African Brother – Actor)
  • Rickardo Beckles-Burrows (as Second West African Brother (as Rickardo Beckles-Burrowes) – Actor)
  • Deban Aderemi (as First West African Brother – Actor)
  • Bryan Lawrence (as Cop – Actor)
  • Barry Martin (as A Very Camp Man Indeed – Actor)
  • Peter Lochburn (as Moaning Man – Actor)
  • Bill Hayes (as Dirty Ole’ Irish Tramp – Actor)
  • Wayne Crompton (as Gay Gossip – Actor)
  • Mark Gardner (as Gay Gossip – Actor)
  • Neil Howarth (as Gay Gossip – Actor)
  • Peter Keswick (as Gay Gossip – Actor)
  • Harry Harris (as Other Cop – Actor)
  • Yvonne Fischer (as Blind Old Bat – Actor)
  • Janice Frost (as Old Granny – Actor)
  • Cordelia Thomas (as Old Granny – Actor)
  • Laura Hazell (as Old Granny – Actor)
  • Martin Collins (as Breeder – Actor)
  • Karen Coppins (as Breeder – Actor)
  • Nicolas Chinardet (as Orthodox Jew – Actor)
  • Adrian Flack (as Orthodox Jew – Actor)
  • Mark Joyce (as Orthodox Jew – Actor)
  • Jason Daly (as Othodox Jew – Actor)
  • Ray Jorden (as Russian Solder – Actor)
  • Lab Ky Mo (as – Director)

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9 Dead Gay Guys Ratings

Check the censor's rating for 9 Dead Gay Guys in your region.

Canada:18A (Manitoba) | Canada:13+ (Quebec) | UK:18 | USA:R

Rated R for strong sexual content including pervasive dialogue, and language

Compare and buy 9 Dead Gay Guys memorabilia and collectables, view trailers, clips, movie and cast. Like or dislike? Add your comment.



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